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Windshield wiper

5 must-have car products to prevent accidents while on the road

For city dwellers who constantly deal with weekday traffic, comfort and convenience are a luxury. If you’re looking to drive easy on the jam-packed highway, upgrade your vehicle with some paycheck-worthy accessories to make every trip stress-free. Leading global automotive supplier Robert Bosch, Inc. shares a quick round up of[...]


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Frank Rittman, Senior Vice President, Deputy Managing Director and Regional Policy Officer Asia Pacific, MPA, presents Joji Alonso with the MPA A.C.E. Award at CineAsia 2013

Joji Alonso awarded by MPA for anti-camcording work

Attorney and filmmaker Joji Alonso was presented with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) Asia-Pacific Copyright Educator (A.C.E.) Award today at CineAsia in recognition of her long term commitment to championing the value of screen content and the need to protect the work and livelihoods of her fellow filmmakers in the[...]