A Flock-ed Up Redesign

It looks like Matt of WebRev is more than upset with the recent redesign of the Flock homepage, and with good reason: it’s ugly as hell, and it looks like we are not the only ones who got upset. It seems that whoever did this took away everything that was[...]

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Dead at 47

“Dead at 47″ The Philippine Star, Monday, August 6,2007 by: Cito Beltran The news about death when heard from a child is so crippling. Perhaps it’s their innocence, the sound of helplessness or maybe because as adults we want to shield children from ever realizing how painful death can be for those left behind. Death often[...]

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What I Want For Christmas

1:18 die cast Toyota Celica Model with lights, full exterior and interior setup, and sound setup. The Works. Auctioned over eBay. FRIGGIN’ AWESOME. Video: Photos: This is just one of many other awesome custom setup models by jornemac: Chevrolet Camaro Jaguar Range Rover Chevrolet Silverado Harley

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