This is inspired by a (private) post over at Antoinette’s blog. Unfortunately communication, the road to that golden bridge “compromise” is often blocked by pride and indifference. Communication is but a doorway that leads to compromise. Humility is the key. – Dennison Uy 2010.04.22

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Rainbow over C-5

As I was driving along C-5 on my way to McKinley Hill today I saw this beautiful double rainbow. I tried to take some quick snaps with my camera phone, never mind the fact that I was driving with one hand! I slowed down while trying to take the photos.[...]

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Download the best weather widget and other Android widgets

In my quest for the best weather widget I have come up with a list which I hope someone will find helpful. 1. World Weather by satok org.satok.gweather 2. Genie Widget (Google News / Weather) from Nexus One Download from xda-developers.com 3. Weather Widget – Free by Android Apps Package[...]

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