Willie Revillame’s Wowowee resignation letter leaks to the public

In light of the controversy surrounding his most recent outburst which involved “commanding” ABS-CBN management to fire Jobert Sucaldito, Willie Revillame has submitted his resignation letter. Somehow I doubt he wrote the entire thing himself. With his million-peso salary he can afford the best copywriters to write something like this.[...]

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Philippines Election 2010 May 10 facts, guide and videos

With only a few days left until May 10, more than 50 million voting Filipinos need to educate themselves on the upcoming elections. For the first time the country will be having automated elections, which makes being informed doubly important. Below are information gathered from various sources on this topic.[...]

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Mayweather vs Mosley fight opinion, photos, and videos

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Shane Mosley event was one hell of a fight! It’s rather interesting to see that many people are now saying Mayweather can beat Manny Pacquiao, or that Mayweather is a better fighter than Pacquiao. Let’s look at things objectively. Mayweather’s win against Mosley, whilst arguably[...]

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