Dell Latitude 330: superb security, manageability and productivity for schools

MANILA, Philippines – Dell today launched the Latitude 3330, designed to help schools and educators teach tomorrow’s leaders while providing excellent value school districts. The new laptop offers the robust computing features required to maximize learning productivity, compatibility with Dell’s existing solutions and services for education and support for personalized[...]

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Marriott Manila Goes Green with Organic Revolution

In the recent years there has been a general increase in awareness of healthy food products. It is said that the vegan/vegetarian diet is among the healthiest, but many of today’s vegetables are loaded with chemicals and pesticides. “Organically grown” food are those grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, just[...]

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Review: Sennheiser IE800 vs IE80

I first learned about the Sennheiser IE800 at the private listening event held last year. Back then, all we knew about it, aside from the way it looks, was that it comes with a hefty $1000 price tag. The price alone is should be enough to raise a few eyebrows.[...]

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