Giselle Sanchez Salaminkera press preview

Preview: Giselle Sanchez is Salaminkera

I had the chance to preview Salaminkera at the press briefing held at the Manila Penninsula Hotel. Back then I had the slightest idea what to expect. When they told me it was a one-woman play, I pictured Giselle Sanchez doing a monologue for the entire duration of the show.[...]

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What do women want? Hyatt answers with “Women’s Experience”

MANILA, Philippines – Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have made an effort to listen more intently to guests which started from an intensive 18-month effort that included more than 40 facilitated group discussions around the world, resulting in a new experience tailored to individual preference. While each feature was driven by[...]

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Dell SharePlex 8.0 adds replication support for Oracle, supports SQL Server and unstructured databases

MANILA, Philippines – Dell Software today announced the latest release of SharePlex™, a leading data replication solution that now also supports near real-time data integration to drive improved data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. Expanding on its heritage as a leading Oracle-to-Oracle data replication solution, SharePlex 8.0 now enables users[...]

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