3 girls stomp a puppy to death with bare feet

MANILA, Philippines – A video showing 3 girls stomping on a puppy to death with their bare feet currently making rounds on social media websites. In the video, three girls take turns stomping on a puppy and kicking it around until it dies. A fourth person i taking the video, and would occasionally throw the puppy when it runs out of the screen. All the while the puppy can be seen trying to run away while crying every time it is being stepped on. The video has since been removed from YouTube, however it can still be viewed on Flickr.

WATCH: 3 girls take turns stomping a puppy to death (20 minute video)

The video lasts for 20 minutes, but it only takes 6 minutes before the puppy is weak enough to stop any attempt to escape. Based on the surrounding noise the video appears to have been taken in a home within a residential area. It is not clear if the girls are related to one another, but they appear to be wearing simple tanks and shorts. The nationality of the girls in the video is also unknown. Whether these girls are Filipino, or if the video was taken in the Philippines at all remains a question. (Update: PAWS has confirmed that the 3 girls are indeed from the Philippines. Read UPDATE 4 below. –Ed)

Online reactions consist mostly of rage, Kevin Wendt suggests a more gruesome form of retaliation:

 at first cut all their toes, after that all their fingers, take a gun, shoot in the left knee, after that in the right. follow up with their ellbows. then let them suffer for hours. maybe then they realize what they did to a poor animal…

Others, such as Richard Warner, call for punishment:

That makes me sick. I hope they get caught and punished big time.It makes me so angry to see things like this.

Jomar Dela Cruz suggests that those who did this are simply trying to attract attention:

gusto lang yata sumikat ng mga to..pahuli na sa pulis yan…ng mgtrending ang mga yan…mga walang isip..cla kya gawan nten ng ganyan..unti unting palambautin ang katawan gamit ang ating mga paa..mga babae pa nmn…walang isip…
about an hour ago

Aaron Mendoza compares the video to the Al Quaeda beheadings, and adds that it is more tolerable:

ayaw ko na ituloy. mas oki pang may pinupugatan sa alqaeda kesa to

Gp Castro explains saying videos like these are being taken and uploaded to a site similar to rotten.com to show animals being beaten to death:

amf mga yan. wlang awa. pero lam ko, nabalita na yan dati, prang foreigner ata ang may pakana ng ganyan pra ilagay sa website, prang ala rotten.com. papakita mga pahirap sa mga hayop hanggang mamatay, so hindi lang aso. tengene, fafs Camshow sana may iba pang video, silang tatlo naman ang inaapakan ng mga elepante, mga hinayupak na mga yayabels na yan, ung rinig din ung lumalagutok na mga buto nila

The ending is simply gruesome. Even after the puppy has died the girls continue mutilating the dead young dog’s cadaver with their bare feet.

You can watch the video clicking on the play button at the top of this post or by following the above YouTube link.

UPDATE 1: Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Philippines has responded to calls for action against the people involved in the video. In a response posted on their Facebook page, PAWS uses the Crush Video and confirms that a criminal case has already been filed against crush video makers. Apparently, the making of such videos has been ongoing for quite sometime in the Philippines with the goal of making money by selling copies of the video.

Read PAWS Philippines full text response below:

We have been receiving numerous reports on a video circulating on Facebook regarding an small puppy being crushed to death by three unidentified women.

This is categorically called a Crush Video; a pornographic material that caters to a horrible, twisted audience.It is a shame that such barbaric and twisted act of cruelty has been made into a moneymaking scheme by fellow Filipinos. We are, as with everybody who has seen the post, enraged that this is happening in our own country—and that it is happening at all.

We have, so far, responded to 50+ calls and at least 150 emails (and counting) from concerned citizens reporting about the video post. Our undermanned office consisting of three people are doing their best to keep up with the onslaught of calls, texts, emails, comments, and tweets.

Please note that a criminal case has already been filed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) against crush video makers. This video may be the subject of the case filed by PETA, and may have just resurfaced in the Social Media networks.

We were recently in touch with the PETA office; they too are receiving several reports on the video and are also trying to locate the source of the post, and if it is indeed an old video.

We implore the source of this video to please step forward and provide us with an affidavit so we can file the necessary criminal charges against the perpetrators and bring justice to their innocent victims. Without an affidavit or witness coming forward, we also need the names and addresses of the people in the said video, this will be another horrifying instance of Animal Cruelty which will not see its day in court–and this is not something that anyone wants forgotten

People may also report this to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) – Animal Welfare Division; the government body in charge of implementing the Animal Welfare Act (926-1522; Office of the Director 926-6833 / 928-2429)

Thank you.

UPDATE 2: A number of netizens pointed out have pointed out Republic Act #8485 of the Philippines, known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998. Section 6 deals with torture of animals. According to section Section 8, which lists the penalties when proven guilty, the minimum sentence is six (6) months imprisonment and one thousand pesos (P1,000) while the maximum sentence for violation of this act is two (2) years imprisonment and five thousand pesos (P5,000).

Below is an excerpt of these sections. The full article can be found at the PAWS website.


SECTION 6. It shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat any animals or to subject any dog or horse to dogfights or horse fights, kill or cause or procure to be tortured or deprived of adequate care sustenance or shelter, or maltreat or use the same in research or experiments not expressly authorized by the Committee on Animal welfare.

The killing of any animal other than cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, carabao, horse, deer and crocodiles is likewise hereby declared unlawful except in the following instances:

1. When it is done as part of the religious rituals of an established religion or sect or ritual required by ethnic custom of indigenous cultural communities: however, leaders shall keep records in cooperation with the Committee on Animal Welfare;

2. When the pet animal is afflicted with an incurable communicable disease as determined and certified by a duly licensed veterinarians;

3. When the killing is deemed necessary to put an end to the misery suffered by the animal as determined and certified by a duly licensed veterinarian;

4. When it is done to prevent an imminent danger to the life or limb of a human being; and

5. When done for the purpose of animal population control;

6. When animal is killed after it has been used in authorized research or experiments; and

7. Any other ground analogous to the foregoing as determined and certified by a licensed veterinarian.

In all the above mentioned cases, including those of cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, carabao, hones, deer and crocodiles, the killing of the animals shall be done through humane procedures at all times.

For this purpose, humane procedures shall means the use of the most scientific methods available as may be determined and approved by the Committee.

Only those procedures approved by the Committee shall be used in killing of animals.

SECTION 8. Any person who violate, any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction by final judgment, be punished by imprisonment of not less than six (6) months nor more than two (2) years or a fine of not less than One thousand pesos (P1,000) nor more than Five thousand pesos (P5,000) or both at the discretion of the court. If the violation is committed by a juridical person, the officer responsible therefore shall serve the imprisonment when imposed. If violation is committed by an alien, he or she shall be immediately deported after serviced sentence without any further proceedings.

UPDATE 3: GMA news television show 24 Oras tweeted that PAWS has confirmed the video was taken back in 2011 in La Union. Victor and Dorma Ridon, husband and wife team, were arrested for taking similar videos.