3M Philippines and PSQua push to improve hospital sterilization standards

3M Philippines, Philippine Society for Quality in Healthcare Sterilization Seminar at Makati Medical Center

Strange but true: the Central Sterile Supply (CSS) section of hospitals is one of the most important part of the hospital, but also the one that is most commonly neglected.

3M Philippines and the Philippine Society for Quality in Healthcare (PSQua) thus held a two-day seminar last March 29-30 at the Makati Medical Center to push for suitable standards of quality disinfection and sterilization in Philippine hospitals.

The first ever Sterilization in the Hospital Seminar was attended by over 110 doctors, nurses, midwives, medical directors, hospital administrators and supervisors from different government and private hospitals in the Philippines.

“We want to raise awareness about the need and value of improved sterilization practice in hospitals through this workshop,” said Edgar Q. Edralin, PSQua President. “A lot of hospitals have no space or budget for a centralized sterilization process. We hope to educate CSSD technicians and hospital administrators on the need for standards and best practices in hospital sterilization because this has a very big impact on the medical practice,” he added.

Currently, there are no regulations and standards set for proper sterilization processes in local hospitals. Hospitals rely on their own policies when they clean and decontaminate surgical instruments. They conduct their own quality control in sterilization assurance.

“We believe that every patient has the right to quality health care. Proper sterilization process is critical in providing safe and quality patient care. This seminar is just the first step towards our aim to help hospitals and the Department of Health to come up with standards in conducting proper sterilization process in hospitals,” explained Irene Ebarle, Professional Service Specialist from 3M Philippines Infection Prevention Division.

“Education is very important if we want to monitor and ensure quality sterilization. The Philippines is in the right track in improving sterilization standards, and this is a major step. Hopefully, PSQua, the DOH, Philhealth and other local health organizations will come together to formulate standard practices in sterilization in the Philippines,” said Norman Lu, Regional Clinical Consultant from 3M Asia Pacific, Infection Prevention Division.

Dr. Hasan Cem Yurttas, an International Clinical Education Specialist and Manager of International Scientific Affairs and Education based in St. Paul, Minnesota affirmed that this workshop could be a game changer in delivering quality and safe care to patients in the Philippines. “It is through determination and step by step action that the Philippines can push for improved sterilization standards,” he concluded.