5 important rainy day safety tips every car owner must know

Rain Delay

Photo by Colleen Shepherd from Flickr

As a motorist living in the Philippines one of the things that I really watch out for in the monsoon season. The rain impedes vision and makes the roads slippery which in turn causes traffic and accidents. Worse, the La Nina and changing climate now causes flash floods which prevent smaller cars from passing through.

That is why I take extra care to make sure my car is in condition to navigate the harsh weather. I make sure that the engine is strong and that there are no leaks. I make sure the wipers are working and the headlights are strong. I also make sure the air conditioner is working. I once drove through a storm with a broken air condition, and the foggy windows did not help at all. It was a horrific experience that I would not want to go through again.

Now the monsoon season is almost over, but Michelin Philippines has some more tips to for all you motorists out there. Hopefully this can help you prepare for the next monsoon season. Read on for more.

Whatever the season, safe driving is always the No.1 concern of motorists. However, the rainy season is when motorists have to be most careful and vigilant. Here are some ways to make sure that you’ll be driving safe on wet and slippery streets.

Make sure your car is in good shape

Check your wipers, brakes, brake lights, tire quality and tire pressure. Visibility is a two-way thing in motoring. Make sure your vehicle is readily visible to other motorists, especially in heavy downpours. Be vigilant about the small details.

Drive through familiar places

Go through routes that you know very well, and those that you know do not get flooded often. As a general rule, if your vehicle gets submerged to about half the wheel’s height or higher, don’t go through the water. Also remember that some seemingly harmless puddles can be hiding a chasm of a pothole that could do damage to your car.

Drive defensively

Driving in the rain easily equates to defensive driving. Slow down and always be aware of the cars around you. Track the car in front of you and maintain proper distance. Don’t slam on the brakes, as that could make you skid and slip on the road.

Always have an emergency kit

Whether it be medicine and bandages, or the right tools to solve quick car problems, emergency kits go a long way in tricky situations. A change of clothes, toiletries, and even some food provisions stashed in your vehicle could help lighten up a hassle too.

Use proper tires

Getting the right type of tires for the season is a basic necessity never to be ignored. Get a tire with good traction and that can brake well on wet surfaces. Look for models that are specifically designed for rainy weather. MICHELIN tires are a good fit for driving conditions that calls for durable and reliable tires for a safe ride. The leading brand in tire technology, MICHELIN offers a vast range of tire models that cater to every need and deliver top standards in safety, fuel efficiency and long-lasting tires. Visit for more information.

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