6 easy ways to build your endurance and energy throughout the day


To feel energy all day, you must increase your endurance. And exercise is the key to building endurance.

You don’t have to go to the gym to build stamina. You can start your own running program and tailor fit the place and time to your own schedule. You can run down urban roads, your subdivision, an open commercial area, shopping malls or a trusty tread mill, you will build stamina just as well. Just make sure you wear good running shoes and that you know when too much is too much. You must build endurance slowly but steadily to avoid injuries to your legs and feet.

Futuro Infinity Fit Ankle Support

Futuro™ injury support products from 3M offers the following tips so you can build endurance without getting yourself hurt:

  1. Know yourself, then set a goal. Find your physical strengths and limits. Do you have weak ankles? Do your heels hurt easily when you over exert? Make sure you have good padding in your socks and rubber shoes. Run for just manageable distances and a realistic schedule. Gradually build up to longer distances and schedules until you reach your goal. Challenge yourself a few more meters every day.
  2. Develop a realistic plan. Develop a training plan and get a running coach if you can. If your goal is to become a triathlete, don’t run, bike or swim all at once. Build your skills one sport at a time.
  3. Do everything in moderation. Avoid running too quickly too soon because you are definitely setting yourself up for serious injury. Gradually build your endurance, frequency, intensity and time for a safe and effective exercise plan.
  4. Eat well and stay hydrated. Drink water or your favorite sports drink before and after you exercise to avoid dehydration. Eat well and always opt for a balanced diet. Consult a nutrition expert if you must to know more about energy-giving food.
  5. Always warm up, stretch and cool down. Doing the right stretches while warming up primes your nerve-to-muscle pathways to get it ready for a good exercise. Never underestimate the importance of cooling down. Never sit down or keep still after a long run. Just keep moving to gradually get your heart rate down.
  6. Be mindful of any injury and don’t aggravate it. If you have an injury that is taking too long to heal, consult a specialist. Exercising with untreated injuries is a no-no. To prevent injuries from occurring, or an injury from worsening, wear injury support products to suit your particular condition.

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