A Flock-ed Up Redesign

Flock logo

It looks like Matt of WebRev is more than upset with the recent redesign of the Flock homepage, and with good reason: it’s ugly as hell, and it looks like we are not the only ones who got upset.

Flock homepage redesign

It seems that whoever did this took away everything that was good about fellow Weaver Byran Veloso’s design and replaced it with a college boy’s project for Multimedia 101.

Original Flock homepage design by Bryan Veloso

I am not saying the designer lacks talent. It does bring forth some interesting ideas that would have worked very well if it were executed successfully.

So why did it fail? I heard that the design was sourced overseas. So what? They weren’t the ones who decided to approve the design and bring it live. Here’s where I shift the blame on Flock themselves for not spending enough time to do QA. Why did this design get approved in the first place? Did they bother to get comments and criticisms from your in-house designers?

I guess this only shows that the day you stop listening to yourself will be the day you start hearing from others.

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