Anne Curtis Boracay scandal video and photos taken down

Philippine actress Anne Curtis and Sam Milby speak up today on ANC over a recent wardrobe mishap that spread over the Internet through blog sites, Facebook and even on tabloids.

The video was a snippet taken from “ASAP XV”, a special summer episode taken in Boracay. In the video, Anne’s bikini top slips to reveal her right breast.

According to ABS-CBN News, there is a possibility that legal action will be taken against those who published her photo.

In the interview, a very upset recounts the incident, recalling the feelings of violation that she felt over the incident.

The videos were eventually removed from the said sites in respect to Anne, though I did manage to find the image below (source).

Anne Curtis, being a public figure should have expected this &emdash; especially with that many people watching and taking videos. It would have been more admirable if she had just shrugged it off. One would expect famous celebrities to be used to such exposure by now, given that they get publicized and criticized all the time. Apparently, not Anne.

Update (04/08): Here’s another photo. Enjoy!

Anne Curtis boracay scandal photo