At 29, Life Hates Me (Self pity)

Today, I went out with only 12.35 in my pocket.

Paid the jeep 7 pesos, went down at Puregold.

They have no ATM machines.

I walked west to Allied Bank. Machine offline.

Walked back east, past Puregold onto Budgetlane.

They have no ATM machines.

Guard tells me there’s an RCBC further west.

I move forward, almost getting hit by a car.

My flip flops snap.

Finally, an ATM.

Got some cash. I need to replace my flip flops.

Went further west to Mercury Drug. No flip flops here.

It starts to drizzle.

Went back east to Budgetlane.

Their flip flops are no good.

Bad day. I’m going home.

I walk back to Puregold to get a ride.

It starts to pour.

I get rained on.

Home at last.

Almost 29 and life hates me.

I haven’t really accomplished anything.

My parents do not understand me.

I lost my business.

I lost my car.

I have no friends.

Nobody loves me.

I am alone.

This is my life, I did this to myself.

Advanced happy birthday to me.