BenQ gaming monitors give gamers the competitive edge

BENQ XL2420T gaming monitor
BenQ is giving RTS and FPS players the significant advantage over the competition with the introduction of its XL and RL gaming monitors.

The XL Line

The XL line is BenQ’s specialized line for FPS gamers. With the joint efforts of the BenQ R&D Team and Counterstrike legends, HeatoN & SpawN, BenQ has released the XL2420T and the XL2410T as the opening salvo for its FPS line.

The XL2420T introduces the all new black eQualizer color engine technology which is designed to offer an unprecedented level of control and visibility. As part of its features, the XL2420T also has the S switch where you can easily switch and save your display settings for gaming, work and entertainment.

The RL Line

In the RTS side of things, BenQ is dead set on providing RTS players with displays that not only provide top-notch image quality, but a seamless gameplay experience where you can acquire, assess and respond to information quickly.

BENQ RL2450HT gaming monitor

The RTS line has the RL2450H which boasts of its exclusive RTS mode where the out-of-the-box preset automatically fine-tunes your monitor for optimum RTS gaming. With the RL2450H, you can see your enemies more visibly among the distractions and darkened areas. This gaming monitor was developed by BenQ alongside international StarCraft 2 team, Star Tale.

Get your hands on these models and be ahead of the competition.

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