Tikoy Marriott Hotel Manila

Unique fish-shaped Tikoy spotted at Marriott Hotel Manila

For the Chinese people, the 2013 was the year of the water snake. On January 31, 2014 we will be welcoming the year of the wooden horse. This is supposed to be a lucky year for those born in the year 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, and 1918. The horse is a symbol of leadership and authority, but an also lead to recklessness.

Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated with the “Nian Gao”, which literally means “year cake”. It is more popularly known in the Philippines as “Tikoy”. The folks over at Marriott Hotel Manila made an interesting take on the traditional Chinese delicacy, shaping it into two koi fishes.

Now I’m not sure where the word “tikoy” comes from. A quick search on the Internet did not return any useful hits. However, to my Chinese ear “ti koy” suspiciously sounds like “di koi”. In Fookien Chinese, “ti” or “di” means “two”, and “koy” or “koi” could refer to the koi fish, a traditional feng shui symbol for good fortune, success, and harmony.

Intentional or not, it sure is an interesting twist. Though I wonder if Marriott’s two-koi tikoy tastes just as good as it looks. Can I hear you say (in the deepest voice possible), “patikim ng tikoy mo?”

If you’re in the area, drop by Marriott Café for a glimpse of this mystical sweet-and-hopefully-sticky fish!

Marriott Café – Marriott Hotel Manila

Phone: +63.2 988.9999
Address: Manila Marriott Hotel, 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Newport City, Pasay City

Full press release follows.

Marriott Manila Ushers In the Good Fortunes of the Year of the Horse

Welcome the Year of the Wooden Horse with the best of fortune as Marriott Hotel Manila offers Chinese New Year promos to add to your celebrations!

It is considered good luck to eat Nian Gao (locally known as “Tikoy”) at this time of the year, as “nian gao” is a homonym for “higher year,” symbolizing longevity, progress, and better life. Marriott’s Nian Gao are carefully molded into two koi fish at 270 grams each, and are packaged beautifully in a red oriental gift box, perfect as a present for the Chinese New Year at P988 nett and available at Java+ until January 31, 2014.

Enjoy the luxury of an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room with their Special Room Package at P11,888++, complete with a calming view of VIllamor Golf Course, and inclusive of buffet breakfast for two at Marriott Café as well as afternoon tea and snacks for you and your special someone at the Greatroom. You will not go home from this stay with fond memories alone; take home a special Nian Gao Gift Box and continue with the Chinese festivities! This package is valid from January 26 to February 10, 2014.

Marriot Manila truly knows how to usher in the Chinese New Year in high spirits! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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