NBA All-Star Legend Clyde “The Glide” Drexler lands in Manila, loves Filipino food and culture

Clyde Drexler at NBA Madness Manila Philippines

Clyde “The Glide” Drexler arrived in the Philippines on Monday September 26, 2011. He brings with him the Orlando Magic Dancers and the Portland Trailblazers “BlazerDancers”. They will be staying for a week to celebrate NBA Madness 2011 with Filipino basketball fans.

Clyde impressed with Philippine weather, hospitality, and food

“I heard a lot of nice things about the Philippines, but when I arrived here I was greeted by a terrible storm!” says Clyde, referring to typhoon “Pedring”. It was his first time in the country, and he emphasized how much he enjoyed the warm reception and the hospitality of the Filipinos.

What does he think of Filipino dishes? Delicious! Apparently, he had some chicken dish with sauce in it. Unfortunately the name of the dish was foreign to him, and he could not say what it was called.

Words of wisdom from The Glide

When asked about his most memorable game, he goes all the way back to the day when he first joined NBA. “Making the team was my greatest memory”, recalls Mr. Drexler. “I was just happy to put on a uniform”, he added.

Any childhood heroes? Julius Erving! He proudly shares that he “copied moves” from basketball greats, learning by emulating them until eventually he found his own style.

Clyde Drexler at NBA Madness 2011 Manila Philippines

Does Clyde have any non-sport related talents? He loves playing golf! He also runs marathons regularly.

Among the current NBA players, who would make Clyde Drexler’s top five?

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Lebron James
  • Dwayne Wade
  • Dwight Howard
  • Chris Paul
  • Steve Nash

Who gave him the monicker “The Glide”? Apparently, if you were good you needed a nickname. “The Glide” was the one that stuck that didn’t sound too corny.

Any interest in playing ball again? “Basketball is a young man’s game.” He adds that he can probably play well for a few minutes, after which he is going to need a stretcher!

Any words to aspiring young players out there? “Whatever you do, be the best that you could possibly be to the best of your ability”.

Philippines celebrates its eighth year of NBA Madness

Clyde Drexler, Portland Trailblazers Blazerdancers, Orlando Magic Dancers, Solar Sports at NBA Madness 2011 Manila Philippines press conference

NBA Madness features NBA’s interactive basketball lifestyle event. It is a fan free event which features hoops, dance performances and outreach programs. This year’s festival takes place from September 28 to October 2. It will culminate in a two-day mall event highlighted by two contests:

  • Search for the Team Spirit School Cheerdance Champion
  • The Clyde Drexler Challenge

A certified basketball loving country, this is the 8th year that NBA Madness is being celebrated in the Philippines. The group will be going around the SM Malls and will be covered on Basketball TV, Solar Sports, NBA Premium TV and Studio 23.

NBA Madness 2011 press conference photos (Manila, Philippines)

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