Companies rely on WatchGuard as their IT security watch dog


Today’s cyber attacks are increasingly becoming more severe and complex, and business enterprises—big and small—are getting the brunt. For this reason, local companies are starting to appreciate the critical importance of having security solutions in place, preferably those that are integrated and high-performing—something their businesses can really rely on.

WatchGuard Technologies, a global leader in manageable business security solutions, comes to the rescue with their latest unified threat management (UTM) products in security network and Wireless Access Point as well as XTM appliances now locally available from official distributor Transition Systems Philippines Pte Ltd, Inc. (TSPI).

The WatchGuard Extensible Threat Management (XTM) products in seven new models are infused with industry-leading technology. They provide robust, manageable and cost-effective network security—so cost-effective that corporate users no longer have to sacrifice their business’s high performance, in favor of high-level IT security.

Enterprises can choose from three XTM options: the XTM 1520, 1525 and 2520 models best suited for headquarters, data centers and managed security services; the new enterprise-class XTM models equipped with today’s essential security tools and sophisticated administrative controls; and the XTM 800 series for small- to medium-sized businesses.

What makes the WatchGuard XTM suite a truly dependable cyber security watch dog is its software update Fireware XTM 11.7 offering VPN applications for Android and iOS devices, support for IPV6 and L2TP VPN, improved policy grouping and enhanced URL filtering database by Websense, WatchGuard’s strategic partner.

Additionally, for businesses struggling with the complexities of bring-your-own-devices (BYODs), the new Fireware version helps bolster their XTM’s superior management capabilities, while increasing Unified Threat Management (UTM) performance by up to 50 percent.

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Completing these network security capabilities are WatchGuard’s two new Wireless Access Point products, the Wireless Access Points AP100 and AP200 that help secure wireless devices, as a critical response to rising wireless threats resulting from the growing amount of stored data on employees’ personal devices.

“Smartphones and tablets now account for about 25 percent of devices used for work, and companies need to protect these devices from threats as securely as they do wired devices. This makes your WLAN as critical as any other part of your network.

Our new Wireless Access Point products provide customers with our leading unified threat management features and enable them to apply security settings to their WLAN traffic easily and affordably,” explained Scott Robertson, Vice President Asia Pacific of WatchGuard Technologies.

Scott clarifies, however, that the need for high-level network security is not about how big or small the organization is.

“Businesses today have a need for wireless connectivity, whether it be for their own internal stuff or even for guests coming into the reception area who want to get wireless access. It doesn’t need to be an enterprise, despite them having a greater need for it. Our solutions suit other businesses, as well,” he said.

Completing WatchGuard’s new product line-up are its XTM appliances built to provide fast, next-generation network security; and for a reasonable cost, these appliances are bundled with advanced networking features that can securely handle high-volume traffic.

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The XTM 800, 1500 and 2500 series appliances are powered by the latest Intel Xeon™ multicore CPUs and QuickAssist™ technologies offering unmatched speed and performance.

As a company, WatchGuard Technologies, is a Seattle-based firewall appliance pioneer with a global presence in 25 countries and globally secures businesses worldwide.

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