Things I do when I’m bored:

1. Make random rubbish posts on other blogs on the intarweb
2. Play with my cat
3. Work on my plans for world domination
4. Attempt to hack into government networks (requirement for item #3)

Things I do when I’m extremely bored:

Rid the society of unwanted lower life forms by frying their brains. Here are some examples.

Case study #1: daviddelucca25 (horny mofo)

[12:48] daviddelucca25: hi
[12:48] daviddelucca25: im horny as hell, care to cam to cam darling?
[13:04] me: do you mean to say you’re horny now, or that you’re a horny person in particular?
[13:04] daviddelucca25: horny
[13:04] daviddelucca25: now
[13:04] me: you said you were in hell, how come?
[13:04] me: is that because you’re horny?
[13:05] daviddelucca25: cuz i gotz no one to play with
[13:06] me: is this type of play the metaphysical type?
[13:06] daviddelucca25: i
[13:06] daviddelucca25: dont
[13:06] daviddelucca25: care
[13:06] daviddelucca25: anymore
[13:07] daviddelucca25: fuck
[13:08] me: that’s funny, because neither do i. but for some reason you messaged me, and i thought i’d oblige by sending a response.
[13:08] daviddelucca25: (sigh)
[13:08] daviddelucca25: send to all
[13:08] daviddelucca25: and u and some other gals answered
[13:11] me: when you send a message to somebody, the normal reaction of the other party would be to send a response, as is the standard of discourse, ergo, you are just as obliged to respond back, probably due to lack of foresight in removing seemingly uninterested individuals like me from your “send to all”
[13:14] me: are you there? please don’t tell me your mind suddenly combusted.

Case study #2: milky_banana (monkey brains)

[14:08] milky_banana: where did u go
[14:08] milky_banana: wich trip
[14:10] me: trip to universe
[12:52] milky_banana: how was the trip
[13:04] me: It was fun, I got to see the earth and live in it.
[13:04] milky_banana: hmmmm
[13:05] milky_banana: sohow u feel
[13:05] me: it feels weird, talking to a primeval like you.
[13:05] milky_banana: oh k
[13:06] milky_banana: did nt u take the pics
[13:07] me: i tried to, but my camera broke out all of a sudden when i tried to take a picture of you.
[13:08] milky_banana: so funny
[13:08] milky_banana: ok carry on ,, have a nice day bye
[13:12] me: would you like ketchup with that sir, or would a big “fuck you” do just as well?

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