Dell Delivers New Fluid Data Architecture Solutions

Dell DR4000

Philippines, February 24, 2012 – Dell today announced advancements in its Fluid Data™ architecture that enable customers to quickly adapt to the changing demands of their organizations and increase automation for management of their primary, backup and archive data.

The Fluid Data architecture, designed to enable customers to manage more information more effectively, is strengthened today with new offerings that include Dell’s first deduplication backup appliance that integrates intellectual property from the Ocarina acquisition; a major software release for Compellent storage arrays; a new storage optimization solution for Microsoft SharePoint; and broader support for Dell Force10, PowerConnect and Brocade storage networking solutions.

“Today’s IT organizations are moving faster than ever down a road that is constantly changing. That’s why their data needs to be as dynamic as their business,” said Chris Papa, country manager, Dell Philippines. “With Dell’s new primary, archive and backup storage solutions, the Dell Fluid Data architecture delivers the storage intelligence customers need to deal with a sea of constant IT change without driving up costs, wasting time or continually replacing infrastructure.”

New Dell DR4000 Storage Platform with Deduplication and Compression

Customers continue to augment or replace traditional backup and recovery environments with disk- based solutions for their speed, access and reliability.

The DR4000 combines the performance and reliability of disk-based backup with innovative deduplication and compression capabilities from Dell’s Ocarina Networks acquisition. These capabilities eliminate multiple copies of the same data and enable customers to keep more data online longer and readily available in the event of a disaster or data loss.

By keeping data online for weeks or even months before moving it to archive storage, customers can more easily locate and restore important data, creating new efficiencies and helping to reduce the total cost of ownership for their storage infrastructure.

The DR4000 is ideal for small- and medium-sized organizations as well as remote offices of large enterprises in need of a disk-based backup solution that can:

  • Eliminate redundant copies of data by decreasing disk capacity requirements up to 15 times
  • Reduce dependence on tape backup
  • Reduce bandwidth requirements for data transfer by up to 15 times
  • Reduce backup storage costs to as low as $0.25/GB list pricing
  • Reduce the footprint of backup delivering power and cooling savings in the datacenter.

The DR4000, available in 35TB, 70TB or 130TB effective storage capacities in a single appliance, features inline deduplication and compression, deduplicated replication, advanced data protection, and non-disruptive deployment, certified with leading backup software applications.

Dell DR4000

In addition to excellent data reduction capabilities, the DR4000 can reduce storage costs over time through an all-inclusive software licensing model that allows customers to leverage all of the DR4000 current and future product capabilities without incurring additional licensing costs.

New Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.0

The new Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.0 software includes new 64-bit support that doubles memory size to improve performance and scale. With its advanced tiering, thin provisioning and replication features, the modular design of the Dell Compellent SAN enables data centers to improve cost savings by upgrading to the new firmware and implement future product releases without requiring a rip-and-replace process. The new Dell Compellent firmware enables customers to take advantage of future Compellent software advancements while improving performance with existing solutions.

Storage Center 6.0 also expands Dell and VMware’s long-standing integration and engineering collaboration to help customers accelerate their move to dynamic data centers and cloud computing environments. Together, Dell and VMware provide the core framework for a virtualized data center and storage solutions that meet joint customer needs. Extending its existing Dell EqualLogic and PowerVault application integration for VMware vSphere 5 ®, Dell today introduced new VMware specific enhancements for Dell Compellent storage customers including:

  • Dell Compellent VMware vSphere™ Storage APIs for Array Integration offers full copy offload and hardware-assisted locking features that extend Compellent’s existing support for block zeroing. These features speed deployment of virtual machines up to 40 percent faster*, free up network and hosting resources and can improve storage performance for data volumes shared by multiple virtual machines.
  • Dell Compellent Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for Site Recovery Manager 5 is available for download with support for new SRM 5 features such as automated failback from a disaster and new work flows for planned migration and downtime. Dell Compellent continues its OEM relationship with VMware for SRM 5, allowing all disaster recovery hardware and software support to be provided by the Dell Compellent Copilot support organization.
  • Dell Compellent vSphere 5 Client Plug-In and Enterprise Manager-vSphere 5 Integration allows VMware software users to efficiently manage Compellent virtualized pools of storage resources from either the VMware vSphere 5 or Compellent Enterprise Manager console, giving the ability to reduce administration time.

Expanded Support for Dell Force10, Dell PowerConnect and Brocade Storage Networking Solutions

Dell is focused on speeding storage deployment, increasing performance and simplifying administration through improved interoperability with Dell Force10 and Dell PowerConnect Ethernet solutions and Brocade 16Gb Fibre Channel switches.

Providing more choice to EqualLogic users, Dell has added the Dell Force10 S4810 10Gb Ethernet switch and the deep-buffer S60 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet switches to the validated component list. EqualLogic customers can also reduce deployment time with auto-recognition and auto-configuration features delivered in select Dell PowerConnect switches.

To help automate Compellent array implementations, the Dell PowerConnect 8024 10Gb switches and M8024-k Blade IO modules provide technology that can reduce multi-step switch configuration to a single command.

By combining the Dell Fluid Data architecture with Brocade’s 16Gb Fibre Channel infrastructure, Dell Compellent customers can realize flexibility, reliability and simplicity for their SAN environments to support next-generation applications and services within highly-virtualized, cloud-optimized environments. The Brocade DCX 8510 is a powerful SAN backbone that simplifies scale-out network design to reduce network complexity, management, and costs, while helping maximize overall port density and space utilization through massive consolidation of legacy SANs. The Brocade 6510 switch provides exceptional price/performance value and enables “pay-as-you-grow” scalability with 24 to 48 ports for on-demand flexibility. Both will be available from Dell this month and are certified for Compellent arrays.

“Dell continues to invest and focus on creating ‘better together’, integrated offerings underpinned by core Dell intellectual property,” said Simon Robinson, storage research director, 451 Research. “With these recent product introductions and enhancements, Dell continues to build on its vision of a Fluid Data architecture. This strategy fits well with the broader Dell portfolio, and also opens a significant opportunity to expand its footprint within its own existing customer base and in the wider storage market. Dell is well placed to move more aggressively both upstream and downstream.”

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