Dell Fluid Data Architecture promises to deliver the right data at the right time

William Tan Enterprise Storage Lead for South Asia and Korea at Dell Fluid Data Solutions

Dell is introducing its Fluid Data Architecture technology to address the growing data storage needs of the digital age. The solution promises to deliver highly virtualized, unified and scalable architecture designed for the data center of the future. This allows businesses to take advantage of technological advances while leveraging on lowered costs brought about by economies of scale.

Is there a need to change current storage?

According to Dell, the answer is a definite YES! Research by Dell has come up with the following facts:

  • Volume: data will grow by 650% over the next five years
  • Velocity: demand for datacenter space more than doubling every 24 months creating rapid infrastructure change
  • Value: 61% of executives surveyed want more information when making a decision

The Fluid Data storage architecture promises to address the following difficulties:

  • People: your customer exepct more and better information from you whenever they want
  • Processes: You need to help to manage the onslaught of information your organization demands
  • Procurement: You can not just add more disk and solve the problem

Richard Teo President Dell Fluid Data Solutions

The Fluid Data technology if built on four (4) technologies acquired by Dell:

  • EqualLogic – provides peer-Scale SAN
  • Exanet – provides highly-Scalable NAS
  • Ocarina Networks – provides content-aware compression and dedupe
  • Compellent – multi-protocol tiered SAN

The combination of these technologies promise to deliver the following:

  • Access to right data at right time
  • Task automation through policy based management of data
  • Flexibility to enable integration of different data technologies (fibre channel, scsi, etc)

With the right blend of technology, experience, and resources, expect Dell to play a key role in pushing the IT industry in the Philippines one more step towards the future.

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