Dell SharePlex 8.0 adds replication support for Oracle, supports SQL Server and unstructured databases

MANILA, Philippines – Dell Software today announced the latest release of SharePlex™, a leading data replication solution that now also supports near real-time data integration to drive improved data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. Expanding on its heritage as a leading Oracle-to-Oracle data replication solution, SharePlex 8.0 now enables users to capture and deliver Oracle changed data to a variety of leading structured and unstructured databases common in today’s heterogeneous IT environments.

The ongoing proliferation of structured and unstructured databases continues to add complexity to the information management landscape, while creating the need to better manage data across heterogeneous environments. Responding to this need, Dell Software has evolved SharePlex beyond its traditional role as an Oracle-to-Oracle replication solution in order to help customers keep up with the demands of managing increasingly diverse database environments.

SharePlex 8.0 now enables customers to replicate Oracle data using Change Data Capture (CDC) to a variety of other databases, including leading structured databases such as SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Netezza, and Teradata, as well as emerging unstructured databases such as Hadoop and Greenplum.

With today’s global 24/7 operations requiring continuously up-to-date data, this new release of SharePlex replaces traditional data extraction with CDC, in which only data that has changed in the data sources is moved to the transfer and load components of the data aggregation process.

Besides significantly lower overhead, CDC is a faster process that brings an inherent method for addressing auditing and compliance concerns. It also facilitates better business intelligence and analytics by ensuring that only the most recent, most relevant data is analyzed.

In keeping with its legacy as a leading solution for Oracle high availability, SharePlex also offers new support for Oracle advanced security features including Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), and Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC), which provides extended Oracle compression on Exadata platforms. TDE enables organizations to protect sensitive data by encrypting it, while HCC addresses expensive Exadata storage costs by enabling organizations to store more data on faster disks to maximize storage space and performance.

“For 15 years, our customers have depended on SharePlex to manage mission-critical transactional data in Oracle. Now, our customers can replicate, integrate and analyze that data using the rest and best of their database and data warehousing environment. The evolution of SharePlex with version 8.0 represents another significant step in Dell Software’s commitment to deliver the flexibility and simplicity required to support an increasingly complex information management landscape.”

- Matthew Johnston, managing director for South Asia, Dell Software

A complete end-to-end information management solution

SharePlex is part of Dell Software’s Information Management portfolio, which makes it possible for organizations to simplify complex data environments and unlock the power of information. Supported by one of the industry’s largest user communities, Dell’s one vendor – one tool chain – all data approach enables organizations to more easily manage, integrate and analyze data to inform business decisions, increase innovation and drive new revenue streams.

Availability and pricing

SharePlex 8.0 is available with perpetual and flexible term licensing for Oracle Enterprise Edition, as well as cost-effective pricing for Oracle Standard Edition.

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