Dell Solutions Tour 2013 launched in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - Opening its Dell Solutions Tour 2013, Dell today announced that more and more customers worldwide rely on its technology solutions and services since the company embarked on its transformation over four years ago. Dell supports millions of customers in 180 countries around the globe, including 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, governments, educators, healthcare organizations and consumers. More than 10 million small-medium businesses rely on Dell solutions and services to grow their businesses and serve their customers.During the past four years, Dell has invested more than US$10 billion to deliver innovative, high-performing end-to-end solutions to better support the evolving needs of its customers. Dell’s commitment to helping customers drive results, create competitive advantage, and expand their opportunities is driven by investments in the data center, security, services and software.

“Today, Dell is better positioned than ever before to deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions,” said Sumir Bhatia, Enterprise Solutions director for South Asia, Dell. “We’re investing to help our customers be successful and secure in a world being transformed by the forces of cloud, big data and mobility.”

Dell’s strategy and solutions help solve the most challenging IT trends customers face today

As we move into 2013, technology is going to continue to be an integral part of any business. Looking ahead, Dell anticipates customers’ technology priorities as categorized into these four key themes - Transform, Connect, Inform and Protect.

Transform: This means increasing IT agility while lowering costs and this is effectively achieved through cloud computing. Cloud Computing shows enormous promise to make organizations highly agile, adaptive and opportunistic. Dell offers customers “Open, Secure Enterprise-class Cloud” that helps optimize IT agility, reduce cost, improve speed to market and provide solutions for a mobile workforce.

Connect: This focuses on increasing productivity by enabling the next generation workforce to work securely from anywhere, anytime and on any device. A trend that is here to stay is the Consumerization of IT. Bring your own Device (BYOD), in particular smartphones and tablets, see a higher rate of adoption in Asia. Virtualization is also going to be a key trend in 2013 as organizations look to manage operations and distribute virtual workloads across the data center more efficiently; increasing their ability to scale their IT infrastructure, without rip and replace, to support the evolving business environment and needs.

Inform: Dell knows that customers want to gain control of their data deluge and use it to drive insights to gain a competitive advantage. This is where we will see a focus on Big Data, Storage and Analytics. With Big Data, organizations strive to become decision-making innovators that analyze data strategically to help predict customer behavior and market demand. The second focus under this point is on Storage. The nature of compute and the data center is changing – customers are faced with multiple, and often competing models of how IT needs to be delivered. Customers increasingly want their data when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. They find that legacy storage architectures no longer meet their needs. Ultimately, customers want to scale storage environments to any size within their organization at a lower cost, and continuously protect and optimize their data center environment.

Protect: This refers to protection from organized attacks to everyday behaviors of employees that unknowingly enable cyber theft. Data Protection means maintaining access to key data and applications as this becomes increasingly critical to assuring business continuity for customers of all sizes. Gartner anticipates that the Asia-Pacific Managed Security Services market will continue to grow from 28% to 33% annually through 2015. Dell recognizes that securing company data is critical to the survival of any business and that one size does not fit all. Dell has been making thoughtful investments in key capabilities and assets such as SonicWALL and SecureWorks to provide customers with industry-leading security solutions.

“Dell’s business strategy focuses on our customers’ needs. Our priority is to help our customers drive business outcomes and create competitive advantage through innovative and practical solutions,” said Bhatia. “We remain committed to expanding our offerings beyond PCs to include end-to-end IT solutions from device to the datacenter to the cloud and continue with our acquisitions strategy.”

Helping Customers Do More

Dell’s strategic investments, long-term vision and ability to execute are proving successful for its customers. In more than 180 countries around the world, customers recognize the value Dell brings to their businesses. The company’s commitment to providing customers innovative, industry-leading solutions and services has changed the profile of Dell in the marketplace.

“Dell’s clear vision and investments across enterprise solutions and services have helped solve a wide array of our business needs and challenges over the years. Ashford Capital has been able to grow its technology to support the business effectively and intelligently because of Dell’s end-to-end strategy and solutions,” said Tim Ashford, IT Director, Ashford Capital Management, based in the United States. “Bottom line, we have confidence in Dell, its direction and its solutions. We don’t have that same confidence in other companies like HP, who make us wonder what value the company brings to customers.”

“We spoke to a number of organizations, including HP, IBM and Telefónica, but only Dell really understood what we were looking for. Dell came forward with an end-to-end solution, while the others offered only partial solutions,” said Jose Joaquín Loza, chief information officer at Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM), based in Spain.

“We have a very open relationship with Dell and are provided regular visibility into their product pipelines. We are excited about the work they put into constantly evolving their solutions and believe that our partnership will grow stronger as our business expands,” said Joseph Salim, business development manager, Net Logistics, based in Australia.

“Our relationship with Dell has grown steadily over the past 10 years, however I previously saw the company only as a hardware provider. The depth of the proposal transformed our view of Dell into a high-quality, competitive service and solutions provider,” said Gary Adler, infrastructure manager, Freehills, based in Australia.

The Dell Solutions Tour, Philippines is supported by Platinum sponsors, Intel and Microsoft; and VMware, Schneider Electric, Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. and Trend Micro as Gold sponsors.

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