Destroying The Web2.0 Look

How To Destroy The Web 2.0 Look

While I do not quite agree with the title and with this article, I think it is still worth linking to this article especially since I get my daily dose of Web2.0 wannabes approving and disapproving site submissions at CSS Vault. Like it or not, design trends are here to stay. Just like drop shadows, glows, 3-D, solar flares, or bevels there are many who try to imitate the Web2.0 look, but they can only be successfully executed by those with talent and skill.

Reposting my comment below:

Good taste. I run a design gallery and more than half of those sites on your list were submitted which I immediately approved. Those designs are definitely top notch but come on, you can probably come up with something better than just a gallery of grunge and vintage-inspired websites?

Notice that none of the websites in the gallery are corporate sites. There is a reason why the “Web2.0? look became popular and I believe this has more to do with usability, accessibility, and achieving a clean and professional look rather than aesthetics, an area in which we both agree in..

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