Facebook’s new profile page disliked by users

facebook new profile page layout

Some time yesterday Facebook introduced the new Profile layout. Initially you had to click on a special link before it gets activated. Now apparently Facebook has decided to make the changes permanent. Like many of Facebook’s layout changes, this immediately caused an uproar in the community. Unlike in the past, the latest update is more drastic.

There is an entire blog post by Facebook engineer Josh Wiseman on the changes. However, I believe things are more easily explained visually. Below is a comparison of the old layout vs the new layout. Click on the thumbnails below to view the full image.

screenshot of old Facebook profile layout 2010

Old “2010″ Facebook profile page layout

screenshot of new facebook profile page 2011

New “2011″ Facebook profile page layout

I noticed that Facebook uses 800×600 as the minimum screen resolution. In web design, you have to allocate at least 20 pixels for the scrollbar. The screenshots above were taken using a crop size of 780×600 pixels.

Apparently, many users do not like the change. There are those who complain that it is less private and messier than the previous design. Head over to Facebook’s official blog post Introducing the New Profile and be greeted by around 8,000 comments most of which express their dislike for the new layout.

facebook new profile page dislike comments

Facebook has provided a feedback form where you can air your sentiments on the new profile user interface. If you feel strongly about the new design, why not head over there and let them know?

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