Fix Soul Calibur IV: Broken Destiny “The game could not be started” error on PSP 5.00 M33

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny

A few days ago I blogged about how I could not get Dissidia: Final Fantasy to run on my Sony PSP slim running 5.00 M33-6 and the steps that I took to fix it.

Today I encountered a similar issue while trying to get Soul Calibur IV: Broken Destiny to run. I got the following error:

The game could not be started. (80020148)

Okay so I went on to find a solution, and among the suggestions were to enable EBOOT.BIN in recovery mode. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to the recovery menu by turning your PSP off and powering it back up while holding the R-trigger
  2. Go to Advanced -> Advanced Configuration
  3. Set the value for Excute BOOT.BIN in UMD / ISO to Enabled
  4. Exit recovery mode and start the game

There is a better way to get the game to run without having to enable EBOOT.BIN. This involves modifying the untouched European ISO using a Ripkit. This fix was created by Daveweed, so all credit goes to him.

Soul Calibur IV EUR [346 MB cso] Fix & Ripkit By DaveWeed

Tested on PSP Fat FW 5.00m33-6

Ripped : update,boot.bin fixed & renamed to eboot.bin

Extract the ripkit into a folder,Copy your Untouched iso game into same folder,
rename your Untouched iso to original.iso and double click rip.bat

Untouched iso must be 859 GB (900,923,392 bytes)

I have edited the boot.bin and renamed it eboot.bin using the following instructions :

  1. extract BOOT.BIN from euro game.
  2. Open extracted BOOT.BIN in hex editor

    from 0×00399AF0 to 0×00399B0B
    hex with zeros MEMSTICK.IND….MSTK_PRO.IND

    at 0×0039A1C9 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA
    at 0×0039C095 change text SAVEDATA to PAVEDATA

  3. rename BOOT.BIN to EBOOT.BIN repack iso. approx 350 MB.


  1. No need to go to recovery menu.
  2. Boots on at least 5.00 m33-4 phat no deletion of mem stick files needed.
  3. Game Saving appears to work ok.

Credits to faceless81


Download the Ripkit.