Floyd Mayweather hurls “racist” remarks against Manny Pacquiao to become the undisputed pound for pound trash talk king?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be one of the most talented boxers in the world with his undefeated boxing record. He may also be one of the most arrogant, with a penchant for putting himself on a pedestal at the expense of putting others down. His latest and most favorite victim is none other than the Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao.

In a recent ustream video he showed the world his trash talking skills. Apparently caught up in his emotions, he goes on a tirade and rips Pacquiao with what many descibe as “racist” remarks.

“I’m on vacation for about a year, about a year,” Mayweather said. “As soon as we come off vacation, we’re going to cook that little yellow chump. We ain’t worried about that. So they ain’t gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I kick the midget ass, I don’t want you all to jump on my d—. So you all better get on the bandwagon now. … Once I stomp the midget, I’ll make that mother f—– make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice.”

He also goes on to brag about his earnings, showing off how huge they are compared to Pacquiao’s.

” ‘Poochiao’ got three losses and two draws and been knocked out twice,” Mayweather said. “So, like I said before, once I beat him it’s going to be a cakewalk and it’s on to the next. … We know Pacquiao made $6 million in his last fight and Floyd Mayweather made $65 million in his last fight. Three losses, two draws. Ohhh, hell no, this is America baby. We built on winning. Step your game up, f—-t. … That mother f—– Pacquiao, he can’t speak no English. He never seen a contract he didn’t like. Mother f—– signed with two companies [Top Rank and Golden Boy]. Look it up. And then this mother f—— with Nike only got 70 Gs. How stupid can a mother f—– be? Reebok gave me a million dollars for three weeks. I wore Reebok s— for a week for a million dollars. … This mother f——’s name is Emmanuel. He got a fake name, taking power pellets.”

Pacquiao is well known for his singing career. In fact, he held a concert right after his last fight with Joshua Clottey. In the video Floyd Mayweather shows the world that not only can he sing, he is also quite talented in making up insulting lyrics by calling Pacuiao a “whore”.

Finally, he promises that he will fight Pacuiao, saying:

“When we do come back, we’ll kick ‘Poochiao’s’ ass. I’m gonna fight the Pacman when he gets off the power pellets.”

Below is the full 11 minute ustream video. The juicy part starts at around 3 minutes:

If the above video is too long, you may wish to skip it and watch this 4-minute excerpt:

While here is a reaction video from ESPN:

Pacquiao on the other hand, dismissed the video, choosing instead to focus on his upcoming fight with Antonio Margarito. In an interview, he reveals that he has not seen the video, but that it throws an uneducated message. In his column entitled “Kumbinasyon”, twin

He has even earned the ire of his fellow African Americans.

I’m African-American and it’s RACIST!!!!

- somefoolontheinternet

As an African American, I am angry with his comments. I agree that his is getting away with it because he will turn around and us the race card again. Why isn’t the media all over him about this.

- Al

Mayweather is a plain and he should be fined.
I am an African American and I am seriously pissed at this b******.

A major point is that I agree if this was a white person saying this it would have been a major news item.

I hope they fight an Mayweather get Koed in the first round…Naw better yet punished for 11 rounds and koed in the final round; however we all know that Mayweather is trying to avoid this fight.

If he is serious sing the contract or stop wearing pink panties but acting like a girl. What a joke…….

- Scatman Crother

Still, there are those who defend Mayweather, saying that he is just being his usual cocky self. As an African-American who grew up in the hood, Floyd is a product of his environment. Like his father, cussing and trash talking are supposed to be something normal. There are even those who say that he is being discriminated against.

Floyd called Manny Pacquiao “Poochiao”, funny nickname, but not racist.

Mayweather said, he would cook that yellow chump — not racist, could mean yellow as in coward or chicken scared.

Mayweather said, Pacquiao would make him some Sushi and rice — not racist at all, rice is a staple food in Asian countries, and for Sushi maybe Floyd likes Japanese food?

Mayweather said, something about eating or feeding him cats and dogs — not racist, Many Asian areas, especially the poorer third world areas eat cats, dogs and even rats.

Mayweather said, Pacquiao can’t speak no English — not racist, Pacquiao actually speaks good English for a guy who has a third grade education, but maybe Floyd meant Manny Pacquiao can’t speak “Understand” English, that is why he signed two contracts.

Mayweather said, Pacquiao was taking them “Power Pellets,” — Floyd could be referring to anything, how could people assume he is talking about steroids? Maybe he is taking some creatine supplements from GNC or some fancy energy pills?

The only offensive terms used were towards homosexuals ([email protected]) and little people (midget), if Floyd Mayweather issues an apology it should only be for those two groups of people, he doesn’t have to apologize to Asians or Manny Pacquiao.

- Lou “Cinder” Block

Come on everyone in the USA knows the only race that cannot possibly be called racist is the African-American race. Remember they can only be victims!!!!

- dflyn003

Come on now. We all know that his words were taken out of context. He did not mean nothin’ by them. He meant something diffarent.

This is treachery of the worst kind. He is being descriminanated against.

- Rev. Al Sharpton

Still, there are those who joke about the video …

I think this is another conspiracy. A white man obviously secretly taped Floyd to create animosity between blacks and Filipino. If this were a white athlete, it would make world news tonight with Brian gumble. instead loud mouth and classless Floyd cant admit a Filipino fighter is better than he is. Pac man has NEVER duck any man.

- twin

… while others choose to be stupid …

C’mon lighten up everyone, it’s called “fight hype”. Look we as the public don’t have a problem when these two are in the ring beating the slop ,out of each other. But we become all sanctimonious over a verbal lashing that free speech in this country allows. This guy aint said nothing we haven’t heard in a locker room or even on the job. Besides what is a boxer suppose to say to his opponent give me a kiss, because i love you. Look they’re going to fight, but lets let the “fight hype” take center stage right now. HYPOCRITES!

- john


- Real boxing fan!

So what do you guys think? Has Floyd Mayweather finally earned the title of undisputed, #1 pound for pound trash talk king?


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