French experts reveal best kept home care secrets

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Besides being stylish and chic, are French women also more sensible and savvy when it comes to home and family care?

If the products that they use in their homes are the measure, looks like they are.

Two Parisian home care experts – Claire Gauthier, Research and Development Head of Stanhome World-Paris and Audrey Benoit, International Brand Liaison for Home Care – were in Manila recently to unveil simple but amazingly effective home care products from Europe to media in the Stanhome World-Philippines office in Makati recently.

Developed and manufactured in Paris by the No. 1 direct selling home care brand in Europe, the French home care products were uniquely European and steeped in Stanhome standards : simply packaged; with long lasting, highly concentrated formulas; ultra safe for both the user and the environment , and offering true value for money.

Among the products that wowed the media group was Try It – a super concentrated Stanhome World liquid cleaner that can make dirty, blackish water clear in just seconds with just one cap – attesting to its power to remove tough stains and gunk on tiles, metals and other surfaces, including furniture.

Stanhome World’s Magic Spiral – a tough nickel-chrome-and copper scrub – was indeed quite magical. Extra tough but also extra gentle, it can remove stubborn grime and muck from surfaces and corners, but it wouldn’t even snag a nylon stocking that Audrey Benoit was wearing when she rubbed the spiral against the delicate fabric.

Stanhome World

The French ladies also demonstrated the sweet power of Stanwick – a home deodorizer that neutralized and removed a powerful smell that was introduced into a room after just a few seconds.

Also introduced at the product demonstration was Prime Wash – a special laundry detergent with anti-bacterial properties and Vitamin E. Audrey showed dirt particles visibly escaping the weaves of a thick sock after it was immersed in the wash water. The Vitamin E in Prime Wash also helps keeps your hands soft, Audrey explained.

Also included in the product reveal were protective cleaners and disinfectants designed to get rid of harmful mircro-organisms and keep the family safe. Express Clean – a protective cleaner for tiles and surfaces – leaves a protective film on the surface after use, keeping it cleaner, longer. Germtrol – a powerful and versatile disinfectant for use in kitchens, baths and all desired items and areas – has been scientifically proven to kill 99.999% of germs upon contact, including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

What makes the products more amazing is that they are powerful and effective, but they are all 100% safe and environment-friendly. Claire Gauthier explained that Stanhome World adheres to the stricter environmental and safety standards in Europe and imposes even stricter standards on their products. “We continually run tests on how our products affect the environment and make sure they do no harm, and instead promote health. We make sure that we meet and even surpass the environmental standards of all the countries where our products are found,” she said.

Stanhome World

To explain, Claire said used water with super concentrated cleaner Try-It can be re-used and still potently remove tough stains and dirt. Waste water from our laundry detergent is safe to re-enter rivers and waterways. “Even our containers are made with the safest materials and are child-proof.”

“The woman is the heart of the home and is responsible for keeping its balance. That’s why these products were made with her goals and desires in mind. We want to provide her with products that would make her feel safe and empowered, and assured that she is really watching out for her family’s health and safety,” Audrey Benoit added.

Ina Quiogue, Stanhome World-Philippines president said the products will revolutionize home care standards in the Philippines as Stanhome World recommits itself to its advocacy of respect for women, children and the planet.

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