Google Plus games ups the competition with Facebook

Google Plus games Angry Birds

For the longest time Facebook has without a doubt conquered the social gaming market. Now that dominance is being challenged by Google Plus when it began social games earlier this month. The first batch of titles include games such as City of Wonder, Sudoku, Bubble Island, Bejeweled, Wild Ones, Diamond Dash, Monster World, Zynga Poker, Dragon Age, and even a socialized version of Angry Birds.

Google’s entry only proves how lucrative the social gaming market is. As consoles and mobile phones become faster and faster, it’s comforting to know that the novelty of simple games are not lost. With giants like Google and Facebook at the helm, the future of social gaming has never looked brighter.

Head over to Google Plus games and let the fun begin! While we’re at it, add me up on Google Plus. See you there!

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