GRAND VIDEOKE: modern videoke system featuring full HD video and sound

GRAND VIDEOKE is the newest, most technologically advanced videoke product to hit the Philippine Shores. Manufactured by Korea’s TJ Media and locally distributed by the Wow Videoke group, this new system takes advantage of advances in home entertainment systems by providing full HD sound and HD videos.

Each system comes with two microphones, 5,157 built-in songs, and 16 Gigabytes of internal memory. In addition, the system can function as a multimedia player by reading data coming from USB and SD cards. The song recording function allows you to record up to 500 minutes of your own singing, which you can transfer to a USB or SD card in MP3 format.

If that’s not enough separate equalizers for the microphone and for the music lets you fine-tune the sound output. The system also comes with a sophisticated remote control, letting you adjust and control every function. Finally, the easy search function lets you search for your favorite song via 9 different ways: Title, Artist, Lyrics, RealSound, Chorus, Duet, Multiplex, MTV, or Number.

GRAND VIDEOKE’s brand ambassador is People Asia’s National Sweetheart, Anne Curtis-Smith.

The system retails for 24,000 pesos. It is available Astrovision, Odyssey, SM Appliance, SM Music and Video, Western Marketing, Automatic Centre and other leading electronic stores nationwide.

Full press release follows.

GRAND VIDEOKE: The Ferrari of videoke microphones

Some products are born with the intent to satisfy the most discriminating end-user, with brand appeal written all over it. Products are engineered to meet desired specifications that consumers are looking for.

After experiencing the Grand Videoke microphone, one can’t help but compare it with other existing brands in the market today.

Grand Videoke is at the forefront of product innovation and development. It is a result of two years of research and development by Korean company TJ Media, and backed by product concepts and marketing insights from RealSound Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Grand Videoke in the Philippines.

For the last 23 years, remaining true to its commitment of evolving the best technology and knowhow when it comes to karaoke entertainment products, TJ Media has been trail blazing the videoke industry and continues to lead markets for high-end videoke devices in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

By addressing the growing demand for a more sophisticated videoke device, Grand Videoke is seen by industry observers to be the dominant videoke brand in the incoming days. Casting a shadow on its competitors.

Grand Videoke is the only videoke system in the market today powered by the latest sound technology called DREAM SAM 3308, developed by re-knowned France SAS, the world-leading producer of sound modules & wholly owned by TJ Media. DREAM SAM 3308 can play back up to 144 musical instruments and still maintain its exceptional sound-quality.

Aside from delivering superior sound quality, this pioneering sound module has a built-in equalizer that allows the singer to adjust and customize the desired sound frequency levels. Furthermore, to enhance the overall HD sound experience, the product is also augmented with over four hours of HD video backgrounds.

In a country wherein 6 out of 10 people love to sing, the Grand Videoke holds court with a whooping 5,157 songs. No one gets left out on what type of song he/she would like to sing. Its music library comprises songs covering rock, country, ballads, latest hits, party hits, OPM, KPOP and much, much more. Another thing worth taking notice of is that all the songs have been remastered –to make it as close to its original version. It also includes real sound songs, multi-plex, songs with chorus and back-up vocals.

Furthermore, its song recording function can record up to 500 minutes or 125 songs. Grand Videoke also functions as a multi-media player to watch movies, play music or view your photo slides. It also supports USB and SD card so you can playback your recorded song or movie & music downloads.

Grand Videoke’s ergonomic and stylish design was created using a steam injection technology—the same technology used in the manufacture of high-end electronic devices and gadgets. To say that Grand Videoke is the future of videoke entertainment would be an understatement. If the crowd response in the formal product launch of Grand Videoke is any gauge of things to come, then Grand Videoke has set a new standard in quality and performance.

Grand Videoke is available in all leading appliance and music stores nationwide.

GRAND Videoke features

If you are a videoke buff, or just someone who would from time to time enjoy a good round of videoke singing, you will surely be inspired and love the experience of singing with the new Grand Videoke.

Wide repertoire of 5,157 built-in songs

The Grand Videoke carries a whole spectrum of 5,157 built in songs, from the latest hits, party favorites, OPMs, duets, 90s and 80s revivals plus K-POP songs. There is a song for all ages & tastes.

HD sound & video

The Grand Videoke is the first videoke system to be powered by the Dream SAM 3308 independent sound module, giving its exceptional HD sound. SAS France, one of the biggest sound chip companies in the world, developed this revolutionary sound technology for portable videoke microphones. With the Dream SAM 3308, you get clear, live music audio quality.

Sing with live instruments & back-up vocals

Unlike other videoke systems where you usually sing alone, the Grand Videoke, lets you experience performing with live instruments and back up vocals. All the songs in the Grand Videoke have been re-mastered and reengineered to make them as close to its originals. Your performance will surely be a showstopper!

Dual Microphones with Built-in Equalizer

The Grand Videoke comes with two (2) microphones with a unique feature – a built-in equalizer that allows you to customize or manipulate the audio (low, mid, high, or its bass, treble, echo, etc.). With this capability, even a shy singer would be able to belt out a song or two effortless & confidently.

HD video

Thanks to its HD video capability, Grand Videoke’s video backgrounds are crisp & razor sharp. It has over 4 hours of built in video backgrounds inclusive of world tours, Wow Philippines, anime dances, and K-pop music videos.

It’s a multi-media player & recorder too

Aside from its main videoke function, the Grand Videoke is a multi-media player that allows you to watch movies, play music or view your photo slides. Its song recording function allows you to record up to 500 minutes or 125 songs.

It also supports USB and SD card so you can playback your recorded song or movie & music downloads.

A sophisticated & elegant body design

To complement its top-notch features, the Grand Videoke’s total look was designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. Its sleek, black piano finish was produced using a steam injection technology (the same technology used for Samsung TV sets and other high-end devices). If you look closely, the Grand Videoke’s end is shaped like a clarinet. This was purposely done to make it more ergonomic.


And with its impressive features, the Grand Videoke is affordably priced at only P 24,000.00. Reasonable, given that it is the first videoke system to give you a full HD videoke experience and more.


The Grand Videoke is now available at its authorized dealers such as Astrovision, Odyssey, SM Appliance, SM Music and Video, Western Marketing, Automatic Centre and other leading appliance and music stores nationwide.

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