Hong Kong reporters kicked out of APEC for shouting at PNoy

Reporters for Hong Kong media outfits have gotten their media credentials revoked after shouting at Philippine Presient Benigno “PNoy” Aquino III during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC) held at Sofitel Hotel, Bali, Indonesia on Sunday October 6, 2013.

In a captured video two reporters, one male and one female, can be seen shouting questions repeatedly at PNoy, who is engaged in another conversation.

The questions revolve around the Manila hostage crisis which happened back in August 23 2010 where a former police chief hijacked a bus carrying 25 people, mostly tourists from Hong Kong. Eight hostages were killed in this failed rescue attempt which has since put a strain on diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Hong Kong.

The video cuts to a visibly angry female APEC staff berating on the male reporter, telling him that it is rude to shout. The male reporter responds saying they are just asking questions and not shouting.

In the next scene two APEC staff, one Caucasian male and one Asian male, is seen telling the female reporter that that what they did was improper. The Caucasian male goes on to tell his staff to have security escort the reporters out of the building and revoke their access.

The two reporters represent Radio Television Hong Kong: Now TV and Commercial Radio. RTHK defended the reporters, saying they are shouting at a distance to get the President’s attention. They added that it was a rude move for APEC to confiscate press credentials. The Philippine government has

To watch the video, click on the thumbnail above or click here to watch it on Youtube. Below is a full text transcript:

Male HK reporter: Have you met CY Leung?
Female HK reporter: Will you apologize to Hong Kong people for the Manila tragedy?
Female HK reporter: Can you give us an answer?
Male HK reporter: So yeah you’re ignoring Hong Kong people, right?
Female HK reporter: It’s a bit … (unintelligible) can you give n answer?
Female APEC Staff: You know that decency is including not screaming. You do understand that.
Male HK reporter: Well I am just questioning I am not screaming ok?
Female APEC Staff: That’s ok, you know that is the level of decency. Now out!
Male APEC staff 1: You ambush one of our visitors …
Male APEC Staff 2: That’s not the way you do it, that’s not the way. This is about the economy. Get out now.
Male APEC Staff 1: I need security to help escort these people out please we’re gonna need their badges back. Thank you.

Did the APEC staff do the right thing by kicking out the HK reporters for shouting at PNoy? Watch the video and share your thoughts!

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