Ramon Morales, Latin America Education Regional Manager at Intel Corporation, introduces the Intel Education Tablet

Intel Education Tablet: 10-inch Atom-powered Android tablet designed for Filipino students

Much has been said about the role of education in uplifting the lives of Filipinos. Not just in the Philippines, but in other countries as well. Over the years there have been numerous initiatives to provide better education through technology, one such being the OLPC or “One Laptop Per Child” Project.

Which is why we are quite impressed with the announcement of the Intel Education Tablet, an Android-powered tablet computer equipped with a 10-inch multitouch screen. Packed with essential applications and tools to provide an enhanced academic experience, the educational tablet will not be available in retail. As an institutional product, it will be distributed exclusively by FELTA Multi-Media Inc, a local distributor of educational solutions.

Intel initially donated 20 units of the tablet to Marilog Elementary School in Davao. We were told that this has made a difference in the performance of their students. We were also told that another institution was granted the opportunity to become an early adopter, though units have not yet been deployed.

Full press release follows.

MANILA, Philippines - Committed to improving the quality of education for millions of children, Intel Philippines today launched the Intel Education Tablet, a device meant for use in schools. Designed by Intel Education Solutions and sold institutionally, the Intel Education Tablet aims to transform the classroom by creating a collaborative and interactive learning and teaching environment where students are more engaged and teachers are more innovative in their method of instruction.

“Intel believes that education is the foundation for an Innovation Economy. Curiosity, critical thinking and quality education are needed to prepare today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow.  Intel is committed to empowering students for success in life through Intel Education Solutions by bringing together hardware, software, and professional development to help teachers use technology in their lessons and assist students in achieving better proficiencies in academics.”

- Ramon Morales, Latin America Education Regional Manager, Intel Corporation

The Intel® Education Tablet, available in 10-inch, is designed specifically for education and built to meet students’ needs. The multi-touch display and e-Reader software enable students to access rich online content. Ultra-portability allows them to take the device to the field to capture data with the built-in camera and analyze it with Intel® Education Software. They can collaborate with their classmates, while comparing their findings to others on the web. The Intel Education Tablet gives students access to a whole new view of their world—right at their fingertips.

Key features that set the Intel Education Tablet apart from other consumer tablets include a ruggedized design, with buffered screens to keep it protected in the event of a fall and a tethered stylus for easier touch-screen operation, which is conveniently tied to the tablet to prevent being misplaced.

Intel Education Solutions have also been built into the tablet to complement the curriculum, such as:

  • Foxit* Mobile PDF – Fast and flexible, Foxit* Mobile PDF lets students easily read online texts and explore rich content. They can bookmark for easy reference and make their own notes to drive learning home.
  • Lab Camera – Makes abstract concepts tangible for students through natural science exploration application using built-in camera
  • SPARKVue – a software that enhances critical thinking and analysis skills with meaningful and engaging sensor-based data analysis tool, so students can collect, evaluate and analyze data interactively;
  • My Notes –  a simple, effective note-taking and information organizer for students;
  • Media Camera – imaging device to enhance student’s creativity and media literacy skills to communicate more effectively;
  • ArtRage – allows students to foster their creative thinking and artistic skills using digital art materials;
  • Classroom Management – Enables effective 1:1 eLearning infrastructure, allowing teachers and students to use a range of learning, collaboration, facilitation and management tools in the classroom;
  • Theft Deterrent – Enables schools to protect capital and operational investments with a hardware-hardened, robust asset management infrastructure;
  • McAfee Antivirus Plus/Mobile Security – 5 years of trusted malware protection for schools and students to help ensure a safe and secure carefree digital classroom;
  • HDD Protection – Reduces risk of data loss for students and hard drive replacement costs for IT by sensing potential damaging jolts and drops;

Apart from these powerful education applications, Intel Education Solutions have also been pre-installed in each tablet, such as:

  • British Council* Learn English –  This comprises over 400 units of content in various formats including games, videos and Mp3s which is pre-installed on devices. The content was developed by English Language Training (ELT) leaders at the British Council;
  • Intel® skoool™ Learning & Teaching Technology – These multi-media, interactive resources in Mathematics and the Sciences can be adapted and localized for teachers and students.

“These applications were specially developed to improve students’ performance in problem solving, reading comprehension, scientific analysis, and the arts. Intel believes that the Intel Education Tablet is a tool that can enrich students’ lesson comprehension and retention, increase participation and dynamism in classrooms and heighten the desire to learn.”

- Calum Chisholm, Country Manager, Intel Philippines

This new tablet design is simple and easy to use, with features that are designed for meaningful learning. Powered by a single-core processor Intel Atom Z2460, the Intel Education Tablet runs on Android 4.0 operating system and is protected by McAfee Mobile Security. It has a 10-inch screen and over 6.5 hours of battery life. Ideal for use by young children, the tablet weighs less than 1 kg.

Intel’s initiatives in the education sector have helped more than 10 million teachers improve education for hundreds of millions of students across 100 countries. Intel promotes and espouses a holistic and systemic approach to improving education. Intel works with various governments and private sector groups to improve education by assisting and contributing to strategic planning for ICT in Education, professional development, development of curriculum standards, content development, evaluation and monitoring. Equipped by this experience, Intel offers the Intel Education Tablets for public and private academic institutions.

Technical details:

Processor Intel ® Atom ™ processor Z2460 – 1.6 GHz
Memory 1 GB LPDDR2
Storage 16 GB eMMC
Operating System * Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Security McAfee Mobile Security
*Intel ® Education Theft Deterrent
LCD Screen / Touch 10.1” – 1280 x 800 TFT LCD
Capacitive Touch Panel 5 touches (16:10)

Includes screen pen

Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n WLAN (1×1), BT 2.1 EDR
Battery 24.4 Whr (6600 mAh) 6.5 + hours
Sound, speaker, microphone Sound, speaker and microphone
Combination of audio input and output
Dimensions 272 x 174 x 13.2 mm (10.7 x 6.9 x 052 inches)
Weight 689 g (1.5 lbs)
E / S system 1 micro USB 2.0
Camera 0.3 M pixel forward VGA, 2.0 M pixel back
Robust Drop resistance to 50 cm, and water IP41
Sensors Ambient light sensor
Accessories Magnifying glass
Thermal Sensor

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