Katrina Halili – Hayden Kho video scandal

… AKA porno for the masses, starring Philippine sexy actress Katrina Halili and doctor-cum-singer-cum-MILF man Hayden Kho. They both have super hot bodies, which makes things quite easy especially for Mr. Hayden, who’s only a month older than me. Can I imagine going out with someone as old as my mom? I guess as long as she appears to be in her twenties and has tons of cash to spend, it doesn’t matter. Wooops! I shouldn’t be saying anything nasty about Quark’s mom. Sorry bro. Please point that gun away from me now ;<

Actual TV performance:

Here is a video of the alleged “practice” session:

They are celebrities in the Philippines, so videos like these spread rather quickly through mobile phones, PSPs, iPods etc etc so by the end of the day even your grandmother would have seen this hot hot HOT video. Whoever thought of putting camera and video recording capability into mobile phones is a GENIUS, I tell you.

And now, back to your regular program …