Kix and Thrill offers adrenaline pumping action and horror to Philippine television

Thrill Kix Celestial Tiger Philippines

Action and horror fans, rejoice! Thrill and Kix are two cable channels focused on serving nothing but adrenaline-pumping shows to the Philippine audience. The two channels are a product of Hong Kong based media outlet Celestial Tiger Entertainment, whose Asian roots lend them the ability to identify shows that would surely be a hit to the local audience. This includes, among others, Asian shows like Koreanovelas and Asian horror movies that Filipinos love so much.

Kix is a pure action channel that appeals mostly to men. I will give you two good reasons why you might love this channel. First is Bellator, which is the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) outlet in the world. Next to UFC, it is the second biggest MMA event in the USA. The second reason: LFL or Lingerie Football League. If you don’t know what it is I suggest you immediately head over to Google and do an image search for “lingerie football”. The thing about lingerie football is that these aren’t just Playboy bunnies but women with real skill.

Thrill Kix Celestial Tiger Philippines

Andy Chang, Celestial Tiger Entertainment Senior Vice President of Marketing

Thrill, on the other hand, is “Asia’s first and only movie channel dedicated 24/7 to horror, thriller, and suspense“. I know many women just love horror, so perhaps this is their way of appealing to the female audience. With Trill, “fear is fun”!

Thrill and Kix will be avalable starting October. Head over to Sky Cable (Channel 73 and 63), Cablelink (Channel 201 and 220), and Destiny Cable (Channel 11 and 10).

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