Korean Channels partner with local networks to bring fresh “Korenovelas” to Filipinos

Korean Channels partner with local networks to bring fresh "Korenovelas" to Filipinos

Korean television channels KBS, MBC, CJ E&M, Arirang, and YTN are partnering up with local outlets to bring the latest hit “Koreanovelas” into the country. This includes upcoming titles such as “The Princess Man”, “Babyfaced Beauty”, “My One and Only”, “My Bittersweet Life”, “Brain”, “Fatal Lover”, “Jewel in the Palace”, “The Great Queen Seondeok”, “Pasta and Still”, “Marry Me”, and a wole lot more. Aside from Koreanovelas these channels aim to promote entertainment shows, comedy shows, music television, sports, and documentaries. They are looking to partner with local television companies such as ABS-CBN, GMA7, TV5, IBC13, UNTV, and RPN9 to air these shows. Beyond just promoting Korean shows they are also looking to exchange with our local shows, which would in turn bring Philippine shows and dramas to Korea. Full press release after the jump.

Korea Communications Commission recently hosted Korea Content for a grand showcase of what Korea is known for nowadays—Korean dramas or “Koreanovela” in the Philippines.

Major Korean broadcasting companies came together in this exclusive event such as KBS, KBS Media, MBC, CJ E&M, Arirang TV and YTN to introduce its unique steady stream of soap operas which Filipinos came to fall in love couple of years ago. Philippines has undeniably been swept by the “Korean wave” and as a result of this, Philippine entertainment was never complete without the country’s most famous Korean soap opera stars and singers.

Sponsored by the Korean Radio Promotion Association (RAPA), the festival was attended by Philippines’ major broadcasting and production companies such as ABS-CBN, GMA, IBC 13, TV5, UNTV, RPN 9, representatives came to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the various TV genres of Korean entertainment.

The venue provided for Korean channels to share the programs they carry to the local channels which they are confident will become “another major hit” not only in the Philippines but all throughout Asia as well. Another highlight of the event was the introduction of the Korean 3D contents technology which buyers from the country see it as soon to be at the forefront of the global market. Brought by CJ Power Cast Inc., a digital broadcasting services company introduced Harmony, HaeUnDae, Secret and Speed Scandal which are popular 3D movies in Korea. Participating industry executives expressed their interest in Korean 3D technology and said, “We were very surprised at the level of Korean 3D and VFX technology. In some areas, Korea has already reached to the top of the world”.

But why Korean local drama series has overtaken in terms of ratings? “We are proud to showcase our country’s culture, traditions, and interesting history. Generally, Korean dramas dwell on positive universal theme of love, quiet sacrifice, romance, with a touch of comedy which makes the story feel good and interesting to watch. Not to mention, most people will agree that Korean actors are very good looking”, shares by an Arirang channel representative.

Korean entertainment has reached new heights and became a source of national pride to many Koreans. Aside from this, Korean celebrities are now among the highest paid actors, Bae Yong-joon leading in its long list.

Shown in photo are RAPA representatives Park Jong Sil, Eom Hee Yoon, and Gwak Ki Hoon, Empire International Merchandising Corporation president Hubert Co with TV5 content acquisition manager Tina Tibongbanua, IBC 13 VP and board member Lito Ocampo, ABS-CBN segment producer Cherrie Anne Ongteco and TV5 news anchor Chi Bocobo.

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