Marvel The Avengers Movie hidden post credit scene

Marvel The Avengers Movie hidden post credit scene

In case you missed it when you watched the Avengers, there are two hidden post credit scenes in Marvel’s The Avengers movie.

The first hidden scene comes right after a short string of credits. It shows cosmic super-villain Thanos with The Red Skull by his side. They are both looking down on Planet Earth with Thanos smiling, stating that they underestimated Earth. The scene lasts for 40 seconds suggests a sequel that follows the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

Another hidden scene comes after the credits has rolled off (the long one in black and white, not the short one). Apparently this was only shown in US cinemas, where The Avengers premiered last. It lasts about 30 seconds and shows the team eating shawarma in a run-down restaurant apparently destroyed during the battle, as earlier suggested by Iron Man when he was revived by Captain America.

The clip contains no dialogue and shows Captain America sulking, Black Widow silently contemplating, Hawkeye reading a book while Thor, Iron Man and Bruce Banner (Hulk), chomp down on shawarma and fries.