Mayweather-Ortiz fight results in controversial round 4 knockout win

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. once again shocks the world on September 17, delivering a knockout victory over Mexican slugger Victor Ortiz in round four. The fight was held at the prestigious MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. This brings Mayweather’s winning streak up to 42 undefeated victories.

Mayweather vs Ortiz knockout video

Mayweather dominated Ortiz in points for three rounds, and got to work early in the fourth. Ortiz backs Mayweather to the ropes in a flurry of punches, ending in a clash of heads. The referee decides that the headbutt was intentionally delivered by Ortiz, deducting one point from the Mexican. Ortiz appears to attempt an apology but was answered by a one-two punch from Mayweather, driving him to the floor.

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Ortiz did not respond to the ten count, and Mayweather was pronounced the winner by knockout victory.

Mayweather vs Larry Merchant in post-fight interview

Here’s a video of the post-fight interview which shows the controversial knockout win:

Just protect yourself at all times, Floyd Mayweather Jr. says on the post-fight interview. He goes on to say that he is willing to give Ortiz a rematch. In a dramatic turn of events, the ever so humble Floyd gets upset, accusing Larry Merchant of being biased and “not giving him his fair share”. “What are you talking about?” questions Larry. He goes on a raging tirade, saying Larry does not know shit about boxing and that HBO should fire him.

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“You don’t know shit about life. You ain’t shit!” says Floyd Mayweather Jr. to which Larry Merchant responds saying “I wish I was fifty years younger and I’d kick your ass”. This amuses both Larry Merchant and even Victor Ortiz, as they both laugh at Floyd’s juvenile outrage.

Although Mayweather emerged victorious, many question the tactics employed by both sides. Was the headbutt delivered by Ortiz intentional? Was Mayweather being unsportsmanlike when he delivered the knockout punch to Ortiz?

Mayweather vs Ortiz knockout pics

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