Michelin Philippines launches safest, most durable EXM2

Michelin Philippines Team

Michelin Philippines has launched its newest passenger car tire – the MICHELIN ENERGY™ XM2 (EXM2) – a fuel-efficient, all road conditions-safety tire that lasts 20% longer than the MICHELIN ENERGY XM1 (EXM1).

The tire launch held at the Manila Polo Club in Makati was attended by various dealers from Luzon and Metro Manila, and emphasized the balance of performance that Michelin tried to achieve between tire longevity, fuel saving and safety.

Adam Storey, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines, said, “The strength of the new MICHELIN ENERGY™ XM2 lies in the fact that it delivers several benefits – mileage, safety and fuel saving – at the same time. In terms of mileage, the tire lasts 20% longer than EXM1. It also ensures fuel saving and safety attributes in all road conditions. This clearly demonstrates a great balance of performance as the result of Michelin’s leading-edge technical skills and long-standing expertise.”

Michelin EXM2 Tire

Storey explained that the new MICHELIN EXM2’s Alternate Bridging Technology design reinforces the rigidity of tread blocks to reduce the rate of tire wear. This gives consumers up to 20% extra mileage from their tires before replacement”

“The new MICHELIN EXM2 also features Micro Adaptive Compound and Optimum Void Grooves that guarantee the user safety by reducing the risk of hydroplaning and drivers losing control of their vehicle. The grooves of the MICHELIN EXM2 can also evacuate up to 20% more water compared to the MICHELIN EXM1,” Storey added.

The use of full silica in the rubber compound also reduces friction between the rubber particles and generates less tire heat. When less heat is generated, less energy is lost, which results in reduced fuel consumption.
Intended for several categories of vehicles – from city cars, compacts and sedans, “the new MICHELIN ENERGY™XM2 was designed for motorists who want to drive responsibly and safely. They are for drivers who are concerned not just about their own personal safety but also that of passengers.

Michelin Dealers

The launch of the MICHELIN EXM2 in Manila will be followed by the unveiling of the MICHELIN EXM2 to dealers in the Visayas and Mindanao regions this month. For more product information, visit

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