Miss Universe Mexico 2010 Ximena (Jimena) Navarrete has visible facial hair

Miss Mexico Jimena Ximena Navarrete facial hair

The photo shows Miss Universe 2010 title holder Ximena Navarrette having natural facial hair. Something which, in this age of cosmetic enhancements and “perfect” women, is a breath of fresh hair … I mean, air. As a representative of her country in a prestigious pageant she could definitely have done something to it. However, the thought of removing it probably never entered her mind, and it shows a lot of character and confidence in oneself.

It is easy to spot candidates with fake boobs, hips, and botox. Having a winner like her does a lot to show that true beauty goes beyond skin deep.

Does this represent a changing in the world’s perception of beauty? Maybe next year’s winner will have hair in her armpits and chest. On second thought, maybe not … =D