Now Available: Paypal Philippines

Rejoice! My buddy Naz has pointed out in the Philweavers forums that we can finally withdraw money in the Philippines!

I just checked my account and it is indeed true! The Philippines has been promoted to “Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.” That’s only 3 steps away from localized Paypal eliteness! Huzzah! O_o

Now all I have to do is to get myself a good card and off we go! Right??? Right!!

People have been saying you can hook this up with Unionbank EON Visa Electron (ang haba!) and you can use it as a debit card. Super!

Keep posted as I will soon verify this for certain. Bye bye Xoom and Western Union. Hallo Paypal! :D

Update: Found a page that confirms it actually works with an EON card.

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