On Solomonic Wisdom

Jaime Garchitorena has written a piece on Solomonic Wisdom that particularly interested me.

Having spent most of my childhood going to Bible studies and such, I eventually came to a point where I outgrew these stories. I found many of them rather silly and bordering on fantasy. Walking through the ocean floor of the dead sea? Living in the belly of a whale? Whether these stories be borne out of divine inspiration, based on real incidents, or pure fiction, one thing remains true and these are the lessons that they bring.

That aside, sometimes I think science has made our lives more complicated than it should be. Can you imagine how much effort the modern man (or woman) must go through, just to prove paternal ownership of a child? Solomon, on the other hand, solved such a dispute with nothing more than a single statement. Cut the child in half.

Science may be a powerful tool, but the practicality of wisdom is unmatched.

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