Please put a little effort in comment spam

We all know people like to comment on blogs for SEO purposes. Whenever I read an article that has a comment box in it, I almost automatically think of writing a comment to show some love and get a nice little link back to my website. Of course by default these are NOFOLLOW links, but they are links just the same and help advertise your website. Whenever I do that, I would always try to write something witty. I usually find myself checking out a person’s blog if I find his comment witty or interesting, as opposed to the 298,349,834 other variations of the “nice post, thanks!” crap, which serve no purpose than to pollute the internet with more spammage.

SEO spam comment

Take for example the five most recent comments on my blog. I know Gnob is Bong and is commenting just to get some link back love. At least he took 10 seconds to type something interesting and contributory, as opposed to the last 2 comments which are basically no brainers you can cut and paste into every damn blog post you can find.

That is why I usually mark these comments as spam. Good riddance!

/end rant

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