Electro-Voice (EV) ZLX-15P

Review: Electro-Voice ZLX two-way loud speaker system

Electro-Voice (EV) has partnered with Bosch to bring a new line of portable speakers to the Philippine market. At a media event held in Bonifacio Global City, Electro-Voice showcased the new ZLX-12 and ZLX-15 two-way passive loudspeakers and the ZLX-12P and ZLX-15P powered loudspeakers. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, passive speakers are speakers that do not come with a built-in amplifier. You need amplifiers to maximize its capacity. You do not need an amplifier for the powered versions.


Aesthetically the ZLX line is very pleasing to look at and operate. The speakers are shaped like a tapered box, the front wider than the rear. The four corners are flat which allows for easy placement when lying on the floor. The construction feels quite durable yet interestingly light for its class at only around 32.8 lbs (14.9 kg) for the ZLX-12 and 36.5 lbs (16.6 kg) for the ZLX-15. The powered models come with an LCD display fine tuning which is a very good addition.


Despite its size these speakers are powerful. It is capable of handling up to 250 W continuous and peaks at 1000 W. Its sensitivity is rated at 95/96 dB SPL (sound pressure level) and peaks at 125/126 dB SPL. For reference, a loud rock concert is at 125 dB and sustained exposure to sound at 90-95dB can result in hearing loss. They played a number of samples at the venue, which is a large, two-floor (loft type) restaurant of about 400 square meters. A pair of ZLX-12 easily filled the venue.

Sound Quality

That said, I was not too impressed with the quality of its mids and highs. It is not as smooth or refined as it should be, though that might be expected in a product that’s expected to fill large halls and amphitheaters rather than small cafes and rooms. Still, I like how it delivers the mids and highs very clearly. Put it this way, these speakers will perform well at a rock concern in an open area, and it will still do well at a private acoustic session in a small cafe. It is this versatility that gives it more value.


Speaking of value, the ZLX models are priced competitively starting at 22,800 pesos for the ZLX-12 passive model. Check out the rest of the prices below:

  • ZLX-12 passive 12″ two-way speaker system – 22,800 pesos
  • ZLX-15 passive 15″ two-way speaker system – 29,500 pesos
  • ZLX-12P powered 12″ two-way speaker system – 30,600 pesos
  • ZLX-15P powered 15″ two-way speaker system – 37,600 pesos

Electro-Voice products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by EVI Distribution Inc. For more information on Electro-Voice and its ZLX line, log on to the EV website ( You can also read the full press release here.

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