Running Gran Turismo Portable on PSP 5.00 M33-6 custom firmware without using a ripkit


To make Gran Turismo Portable run on 5.00 firmware, you will need to decrypt the game’s EBOOT.BIN, patch it, and recreate the ISO or CSO file. This may sound tricky, but it is actually quite simple and easy to do.

First, you will need a copy of the original Gran Turismo Portable ISO (download it here).

Next, you will need the following tools:

The following steps can be tricky, so read very well and understand to avoid confusion.

Run UMDGen and open the Gran Turismo Portable ISO. You should see something like what I have in the screenshot below.

step1: open Gran Turismo Portable ISO in UMDGen

Inside UMDGen’s Explorer tab, navigate to the GRANTURISMO / PSP_GAME / SYSDIR directory.

Inside this directory there is a file called EBOOT.BIN – right-click on it and choose Extract Selected…

step2: extract EBOOT.BIN
step3: copy EBOOT.BIN to your ms0

Install Yoshihiro’s Games Decrypter by copying the GameZDecryptZ to the ms0:/PSP/GAME/ folder on your PSP memory stick.

step4: install Yoshihiros Games Decrypter

Inside your PSP, run GAME DECRYPTER Yoshihiro V3 and choose to press O to decrypt and patch your EBOOT.BIN for 5.xx.

If successful, you should now have a new, patched EBOOT.BIN inside ms0:/DECRYPTOR/ of your PSP memory stick.

step5: run Yoshihiros Games Decrypter to create a patched EBOOT.BIN

Go back to UMDGen and delete EBOOT.BIN by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete.

step6: delete the original EBOOT.BIN

Import the patched EBOOT.BIN by right-clicking on a blank area and and going to Add -> Existing File(s)…

step7: import the patched EBOOT.BIN

Save the modified ISO as new, uncompressed ISO or as a compressed CSO or DAX file.

step8: save the modified ISO

Finally, copy the modified ISO/CSO/DAX into your PSP, start the game, and enjoy!

As proof, I have made this tiny video showing Gran Turismo Portable on my PSP running 5.00 M33-6.

Good luck!

UPDATE (10-Oct-09): For those of you who are still having problems, I have uploaded my patched EBOOT.BIN here.

UPDATE (13-Oct-09): I have uploaded a mirror of the patched EBOOT.BIN onto MediaFire.

Download that file and extract, then follow steps the remaining steps to create a patched ISO.

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