Running Tekken 6 on PSP 5.00 M33-6 or higher custom firmware

PSP Tekken 6 packshot

On a previous blog post I wrote down how I got Gran Turismo to work on my Sony PSP running 5.00 M33-6 custom firmware.

Now that Tekken 6 is out the updated security layer and encryption has invalidated this method and made it even more difficult for M33 users to run these new games.

I will spare you the boring technical details, but suffice to say it was only a while until it was broken, and people were getting it to run on 5.50 GEN-D firmware. Eventually those who were generous enough shared information how it was done. Some even took the effort to create a patch that will simply the process for the less technically adept folk.

The one that worked for me was a patch created by The__Android. Full instructions on how to use the patch can be found on this forum post.

In a nutshell, here is how I did it (I copied the original instructions and made a few edits):

  1. Make a backup of the Tekken 6 ISO (I used the UMD version)
  2. Download the Tekken 6 Windows Patcher
  3. Extract the contents of the Patch archive and place the 3 files (patch.exe, patch, and eboot-patched.bin) into same folder as the Tekken 6 ISO.
  4. Go to the properties of your ISO file and untick the read-only box if it is ticked, then click Apply > Ok.
  5. Rename your ISO to “Tekken6″ if you have ‘file extensions’ turned off (this is the default on windows).

    If you have turned ‘hide file extensions for known filetypes’ off you need to rename your ISO to “Tekken6.iso”.

  6. Double click patch.exe and press any key to start applying the patch.
  7. You should see a lot of dots on the screen when it is patching.
    (If you don’t see the dots either your ISO is read-only or is not named right.)
  8. Press any key to close the patcher when its done.
  9. Copy the patched “Tekken6.iso” file to your memory stick.
  10. Change the settings in the XMB (press the “select” button while in XMB)
    UMD Mode: Sony NP9660
    CPU Clock XMB: Default
    CPU Clock Game: Default
  11. Run the game

If all goes well you should now be running Tekken 6 on your 5.00 M33 or higher custom firmware!

Here is a video showing the results on my unit:

Good luck and happy gaming!

NOTE: This post is outdated. To run Tekken 6 on PSP 5.00 M33-6 or higher custom firmware, please check my updated post here.