Scarlett Johansson clothes off photos leaked from her hacked iPhone!

Scarlett Johansson bare photos leaked from her hacked iPhone!

Scarlett Johansson’s bare photos were apparently taken from her recently hacked iPhone. One photo shows her taking a photo while standing with her clothes off in front of a mirror. The other shows her taking a shot from head to breast – with her top off. View the full post to see the leaked pictures.

The header shot shows Scarlett Johansson’s apartment — taken months ago, compared side by side with the leaked photo. The wallpaper pattern is a clear match. The bed could have easily been moved.

This is the first photo that circulated, clearly showing Scarlett taking a photo of her behind using a bathroom mirror.

Second photo came in a little later, which shows a naked Scarlett Johansson taking a self-portait with her iPhone.

Scarlett Johansson iPhone pics leaked photos

Click here and here for the unblurred version of Scarlett Johansson’s bare photos

Update: photos removed, please check the links above and in the comments for the photos! -Den