Summer sale at The Body Shop

Summer sale at The Body Shop

Recently The Body Shop launched “Beauty With A Heart”, a campaign headed by English model and actress Lily Cole. In the Philippines, The Body Shop is having its summer sale from March 16 to April 23. Beauty lovers get to enjoy discounts up to 30% off on their favorite products. Apparently the company is preparing for something big. No specific details were provided, but I am told that some of the products currently on sale will soon become unavailable.

Here is a partial price list of products currently on sale at 30% off.

White Gardenia
Eau de Toilette 795.00
Body Mist 695.00
Body Cream 895.00
Shower Gel 395.00
Body Polish 695.00
Body Mist 995.00
Body Butter 695.00
Body Lotion 695.00
Body Mist 695.00
Body Butter 695.00
Blueberry Body Butter 695.00
Almond Body Butter 695.00
Brazil Nut Body Bu1er 695.00
Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder 550.00

At a budget of only 1000 pesos I managed to bring home the following items:

  • Strawberry bath & shower gel
  • Exfoliating skin towel
  • Astringent

I’m really loving the Strawberry shower gel and exfoliating towel so far.

I did my own research and it seems that The Body Shop has started renovating their boutiques (video below). In addition, The Body Shop has announced a new packaging for its famous body butter. Does this mean that we can expect a new look for all of its products? Stay tuned, our sources tell us that all will be revealed soon.

The Body Shop summer sale (photos)

[slickr-flickr search=sets set=72157629348843924]

The Body Shop London boutique relaunch (video)

The Body Shop taps Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

Did you know that the wooden crates used by the company to shop its products are made in The Philippines? The Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, an institution for the handicapped located at Cainta, Rizal, makes these creates from wooden pallets. By using recycled materials, The Body Shop is able to live out its values of protecting planet while helping build communities at the same time. Click on the link below to read the full press release.

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