The Importance Of Client Feedback

I have had a couple of clients that are like this:

You spend a lot of time working on a system design, a project study, a site map, and a wireframe. You lovingly package your work and present it to them, looking for positive or even negative feedback — something that at least acknowledges your work and skill, or at least something that shows them that they care about THEIR project, only to be met with a singular “OK”.

What part of “OK” answers the questions “please give me feedback”, “do you have any suggestions”, or “kindly guide us with the site map”?

The Importance Of Client Feedback

No Sir / Ma’am, it is definitely not “OK”. Not providing feedback forces me to guess what you want, and unless I have Professor X’s mind-reading abilities, I sincerely doubt that.

What would more or less happen is this: work will proceed on the early comp that the client “Okayed” and, unless we are talking about a one-page website or a logo, then expect a couple of major revisions come prime time.

Note to client:

Unless you are willing to accept anything I throw at you as the finished product without any resistance, then no, it is not “OK”. This is your project, so give us some feedback. Ok?

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