(The real) Steve Ballmer’s Facebook profile … leaked!

Gartenberg - Steve Ballmer - wallpost

Thanks to some very good connections, the folks over at valleywag were able to hone into Steve Ballmer’s Facebook profile. This comes in just days after Microsoft’s $240 Million deal with Facebook.

Click on the image below to view the full version.

Steve Ballmer’s Facebook profile - small

So thanks to this leak we now know the following facts about him:

  • His life revolves around deciding whether to wear boxers or briefs (must be a very important question for the CEO of the biggest tech company)
  • His e-mail address is really steveb [at] microsoft (dot) com (now that wasn’t so hard to figure out)
  • He has been with Microsoft for 27 years, beginning on 1980
  • He more than half of his friends (58%) are from Microsoft
  • He loves baseball
  • He has never been on the cover of the Rolling Stones (George Bush got in, why not THE Steve?)
  • He’s not buying an iPhone (awwwww!)
  • He is Godfather to Katie Lee Pollack from Miami University
  • He is related to (probably by blood) Sam Ballmer, a high schooler from Lakeside
  • He is starting to open up and is no longer trying to hide behind the comforts of anonymity

Now isn’t that a crapload of data from just a SINGLE page on the Intarweb? Just imagine all the data available on the Internet and it’s no wonder that search and social networks are the two biggest things in advertising and data mining (with that — phising and identity theft) in the modern world.

Let’s give it to Ballmer for actually being an active user of one of their investments.

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