Horrific hostage taking in Quezon City turns into an unforgettable marriage proposal

The video of Calvin and Jay-Ar’s marriage proposal has gone viral on the Internet. Shot with a hidden camera, the “amateur” video takes place at “Van Gogh is Bipolar”, a restaurant in Quezon City.

As the couple were dining a lone gunman bursts in, taking Calvin as hostage while cops bang on the door to call him out. To add to the mood, sirens kept blasting in the background while the scene unravels.

Taken captive, Calvin pleas for one last request – to marry his girlfriend Jay-Ar. The “impromptu” marriage proposal requires a ring, which the gunman readily gave. Quite hilarious.

Below is a transcript of the proposal:

Calvin: Jay, it has been a roller coaster ride, Jay for the past four-five years for us

I don’t know the perfect timing for this but I thik right now is the right time for this … to ask you … will you be my parter in case of a zombie apocalypse? May I have the honor to be your husband? Will you marry me? [girl's name]

Jay-Ar: Yes (laughs)

Watch the video by clicking on the play button above. The video was produced by Tootots Leysa.

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