Viki partners with YouTube to let you watch anime online for free

Astro Boy

Would you believe me if I told you that you can now watch your favorite anime online for free?  With community driven online video sharing website Viki, you can. It was only last month that we wrote about their partnership with Microsoft.Now they have partnered with YouTube to bring famous titles like Astro Boy, Black Jack, and Kimba The White Lion to the general public. More details after the jump.Viki, a global TV site powered by fans, today launched a new dedicated Tezuka Anime channel on YouTube.  Fans will now have access to hundreds of hours of free anime with the option of choosing their preferred subtitles/captions, powered by Viki. Breaking the language barrier will also introduce Tezuka Anime to new audiences around the world.

This is made possible by Viki’s partnership with YouTube to push its crowd-sourced subtitles to this Tezuka Anime channel via YouTube’s Application Programming Interface (API).

With this channel, fans can now view the following anime titles on the YouTube:

With over 12 million viewers each month, over 1 billion videos viewed and nearly 250 million words translated, Viki uniquely brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences. For advertisers, Viki’s premium video inventory enables top brands to reach highly coveted young Internet users.

Astro Boy Episode One full video

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